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Barbarian Build Solo Inferno Patch 1.0.4 – Atom Bomb

Barbarian Build Solo Inferno Patch 1.0.4 – Atom Bomb

Level Required: 60

Build Thanks To

This particular Diablo 3 Barbarian build might just be the replacement for Bulldozer. Since the old Bulldozer build has been nerfed in patch 1.0.4, a new one was required. A lot of skills were buffed so more options are available. The key element of this setup is not the within the skills but in Fury regen. The main damage dealer will be a Fury consuming skill which will require some proper resource management and regeneration rate enhancement. Atom Bomb, the name of the build might be changed in the future since the player that came up with this setup is not yet sure about its title. Still, we find the name very suitable for a build that focuses on Seismic Slam.

Here is a quick brief of the skill setup:

Left Mouse ButtonSeismic Slam with the Strength from Earth rune

Right Mouse ButtonAncient Spear with the Dread Spear rune

Action Key 1Ground Stomp with the Wrenching Smash rune

Action Key 2Ignore Pain with the Iron Hide rune

Action Key 3Leap with the Iron Impact rune

Action Key 4War Cry with the Impunity rune

Passive Skill 1: Superstition

Passive Skill 2: Weapons Master

Passive Skill 3: Ruthless

Barbarian Build Solo Inferno Patch 1.0.4 – Atom Bomb

Check the build here

The Mechanics Of The Build

Atom Bomb works only if a few requirements are met:

1.    High crit chance
2.    Fury on crit gear
3.    Enhanced Fury regen or cost reduction (ex: using Strength from Earth for Seismic Slam)

Seismic Slam will cost 15 Fury each time it is used. Some gear with Fury on crit will reduce the possibility of resource starvation. This also means that a high crit chance is required, forcing the usage of Ruthless. To increase it even further, a two handed mace or axe is recommended for another 10% crit. This means that the Barbarian will have 15% base crit hit chance just by using this Inferno build alone. With some decent gear, the total value can easely reach 30% which is enough to keep the Fury globe full.

Players with decent gear might want to use Battle Rage instead of Ignore Pain for some extra damage. Also, for extra Fury, War Cry can be used. Also Ancient Spear will generate just enough to use Seismic Slam once.

For combat openings, it is easier to start with War Cry for that 30 Rage and use Seismic Slam immediately. If gear with Fury on crit is present, hitting a group of mobs should generate enough of it to just continue using Seismic Slam. The skill itself will deal quite a lot of damage. It hits all targets in its path for 240% weapon damage which is very decent. To make the most out of it, a two handed axe or mace must be used since they have a higher damage range. The skill calculates the damage by using the effective damage of the weapon and not the DPS. If the weapon is slower, Seismic Slam will hit harder.

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