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Barbarian Overpower Damages Enemies in a Wider Radius

Barbarian OverpowerOverpower is an Active skill that helps the Barbarian stay true to his\her melee hero designation.

Unlocked at Level 26, Overpower falls under the Might subcategory of the Barbarians Active Skills. It is an Area of Effect skill that damages all enemies in a 9 yard radius of the Barbarian.

Barbarian Overpower

It’s damage is 165% of the characters weapon damage. Its cool down is 15 seconds and this increases by 1 second if there is a critical hit delivered in the course of using Overpower.

Skill Design thanks to Diablowiki:

Overpower is a powerful area of effect ability that needs a moderate critical hit chance to be effective. The available rune effects make this skill very interesting. Dual-wielding two very fast weapons and having a godly amount of critical strike chance might make you unstoppable with the Revel rune effect, healing you every time Overpower is used.

There are five passive skills that add to the effect of Overpower. They are:

Ruthless – Unlocked at Level 10. The possibility of critical hit is ingreased by 5%. The damage inflicted by the critical hit is also increased by 50%

Weapons Master – Unlocked at Level 16. This Passive Skill gives a bonus according to the weapon the Barbarian uses in his\her main hand.

For Swords and Daggers the damage is incresed by 15%
For Maces and Axes the possibility of a critical hit is increased by 10%
For Polearms and Spears the attack speed is increased by 10%
For Mighty weapons there is an increase of 3 Fury per hit.

Berserker Rage – Unlocked at Level 20. This Passive skill is effective when the character is at maximum fury as it enables the Barbarian to deal an added damage of 25% to enemies.

Bloodthirst – Unlocked at Level 24. This increases the Barbarians life by 3% of the damage he/she inflicts.

Brawler – Unlocked at Level 45. this ensures that if and when there are 3 enemies in the radius of 8 yards , the damage of the Barbarian is increased by 30%. This is a perfect accompaniment to Overpower as the radius for overpower is 9 yards.

Overpower has five Skill runes. The runes and their effects are

Barbarian Overpower Runestones

Storm of Steel : Unlocked at Level 29. This enables the Barbarian to throw up axes that will deal damage to enemies that are near the character. 3 of these axes are thrown up, each dealing a damage of 50% of the Barbarians weapon damage.

Killing Spree : Unlocked at Level 34. This increases the Barbarians possibility of dealing a Critical strike by 10%. This lasts for 6 seconds.

Crushing Advance : Unlocked at Level 42. Effective when Overpower is used, this rune ensures that 30% of damage from enemies is reflected for a duration of 6 seconds.

Momentum: Unlocked at Level 48. This gives 12 to Fury for each enemy damaged using Overpower.

Revel: Unlocked at Level 59. The Barbarian is healed by 10% of the maximum health each time he\she hits an enemy.



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