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Barbarian Sprint Boost Speed and Damage!

Barbarian SprintSprint is an active Barbarian skill unlocked at level 16.

Costs 20 Fury and increases the Barbarian’s movement speed by 40% for a duration of 3 seconds.

It doesn’t have any cool down so if the Barbarian has enough fury built up he can run for a while. This skill could pair well with leap if the Barbarian wants to run through an area without fighting.

See Barbarian Sprint!

Sprint is a fairly simple skill but its rune variations can make it a little more exciting. At level 23, we unlock Rush which increases the probability of dodging by 12% while sprint is active.

The second skill rune variation is Run Like the Wind, which creates tornadoes as the Barbarian runs. Each tornado does 60% weapon damage to any foe it hits. It is unlocked at level 29.

At level 38, we unlock Marathon. This increases the movement speed bonus to 50% and the duration to 5 seconds. This is definitely the skill rune of choice if you’re going to be using it just for running.

The next skill rune variation, unlocked at level 46 is Gangway. With this skill rune, when sprint is active, the Barbarian can charge through enemies, which causes them to be knocked back and take 25% weapon damage.Finally at level 53, Forced Marchis unlocked, which gives a nice buff to your allies. Any ally within 50 yards of the Barbarian will gain a 20% movement speed increase for 3 seconds.Barbarian Sprint Runestones
This most likely will be the skill rune of choice when playing with allies, as it allows the whole party to retreat if needed.
However, when playing alone it is obviously useless.
Barbarian Sprint is a basic skill that is useful for when the Barbarian needs a speed increase, most likely to retreat or to run through a difficult area. The skill rune variations provide various unique bonuses that can prove useful, depending on the situation and play style.

Tornado’s left behind.


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