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Barbarian Builds

Barbarian Builds

Barbarian Inferno Build Patch 1.0.5 – Critical Smasher

Barbarian Build Solo Inferno Patch 1.0.4 – Atom Bomb

Kripp’s Double Tornado Barbarian Inferno Build 1.0.3

Kripparrian’s Barbarian Build – Inferno Solo Cookie Cutter 1.0.3 Viable

Blizzard Builds – Ken Lamb, Software Engineer and his Barbarian

Builds – Barbarian Co-op Hell/Inferno Ranged – Vikings Revenge

Builds – Barbarian Solo Kill Inferno Diablo – Sprintwind Regen

Solo/Co-op Normal or Nightmare Leveling – Barbarian Battering Ram

Barbarian Solo Inferno Act 3 – Whirlwind Wrath

Barbarian Solo Farm Inferno Act 1 – Wrath of the Kiter

Inferno Tank Barbarian

Speed Barbarian

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