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Best Site for Buying Diablo 3 Gold and the Future for Gold Sellers.

Best Site for Buying Diablo 3 Gold and the Future for Gold Sellers

Blizzard took the step into fully implementing all the features of the RMAH. In a recent update, a new feature has been unlocked, enabling players to trade gold for real money. This change will have a deep impact over the gold traders but one question remains: Will things change for the better?

Gold Prices As Of Now

Blizzard is trying hard to set a standard gold price. The RMAH allows players to sell gold for a minimum of 25 cents per 100k. This means 1 mil gold is selling for $2.5. The amount of cash the seller is getting if he chooses PayPal as his cashout option is just $1.7. This sounds like a lot of work for pennies. Blizzard is charging 30% for each transaction but we must understand that there are some PayPal fees involved and a cut that the developers are getting.

On the other had we have the third party gold sellers. At the moment our highest recommendation would be GameUSD, which is selling 1 mil gold for $2.42 on the US servers and $1.7 on the EU. The price can be even lower if we add their discounts to the mix.

That cuts down the price by another 10%. Being the biggest player in the industry, GameUSD manages to become the main competitor for the RMAH. It is obvious right now that a lot of money can be saved by using third party seller services than the RMAH.

The Future Of GameUSD And Other Gold Traders

Being the biggest seller in the market, GameUSD continue to watch the market and set their own prices accordingly. However, they did not approach an abusive tactic. They have always tried to maintain a stable trading environment. The launch of gold trading on the RMAH did not catch them by surprise. GameUSD has already had their rates adjusted. If we were to compare the vendor with the Blizzard imposed minimum for gold trading, using GameUSD will save a lot of money. They sell it cheaper to maintain their customers and so far, they are doing a very good job.

Other gold traders are following the example and have their prices adjusted to maintain their competitiveness. However, the years of experience behind GameUSD prevented them from suffering major losses due to the recent updates implemented by Blizzard. As of now, they seem the most stable gold trader but this is also backed up by a history of professional services.

Blizzard’s Gold Trading Platform

At the other end of the business we have Blizzard, who seems to have been preparing for some time now. In the past several weeks, players saw no reaction from the developers side regarding the hackers that use hundreds of bots to farm for gold. Prior to the implementation of the gold trading feature, Blizzard started a crusade against botters. Thousands of accounts were banned in a matter of days. A lot of shady businesses were affected but it is more than likely they will get new accounts, code new bots and start over.

These massive bans did not affect the operations of legit gold sellers especially the best site to buy Diablo 3 gold. GameUSD.

Still Worth Using Third Party Traders?

Without a doubt, third party traders have a different strategy. Blizzard is known not to back down easily. They just put their foot down and hold their ground. This is a healthy behavior from such a company that needs to control a huge market that influences millions of players.

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