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Blue-post Followup Answers. IAS, Critical hits and Monster Affixes

Blue-post Followup Answers. IAS, Critical hits and Monster Affixes

The question though is how do we know how the game works and what they have planned for the future? We ask Blizzard of course, and today, community manager ‘Lylirra’ has decided to provide us with some follow up answers. The questions that have been answered today are some of the most frequent questions that Diablo 3 gamers are asking.

The first question that is answered has to do with the past IAS (Increased Attack Speed) nerf in regards to build diversity.

The short answer was IAS was too powerful and it prevented build diversity, unlike other attributes. It was at a point where players thought IAS was so powerful that they couldn’t go without it. Not only that but apparently stacking IAS pre-nerf also caused some bugs in the game.

Also ‘Lylirra’ mentioned in this follow up answer, that currently Blizzard is satisfied with IAS and current build diversity. Though, they do plan on balancing skills in the future.

The next question answered had to do with Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage and if they intend to hit it with the nerf bat.

The short answer is No. Blizzard feels that these attributes are good just as they are. While powerful, it is not something that negatively impacts the game’s build diversity. Needless to say this is a sigh of relief.

The third question has to deal with Monster Affixes, and why they aren’t restricted in any way.

This is a question that has no doubt plagued many of us. Encountering the wrong kind of affix combination could mean life or death.

There are three affix categories and their limits.

Strong CC (Limit: 1)

Knockback – Vortex – Nightmarish

Defensive (Limit: 1)

Avenger – Shielding – Horde – Health Link – illusionist – Extra Health – Vampiric – Missile Dampening – Invulnerable Minions

Aggressive ( No Limit)

Arcane – Waller – Mortar – Desecrator – Electrified – Fast – Fire Chains – Molten – Reflects Damage – Teleporter – Jailer – Frozen – Plagued

The last question was, what zone is Whimyshire considered as.

The only answer is that, it’s considered as Act IV and is also affected by the drop rate increase.

A few other suggestions.

Suggestion: Increasing the size of Gem stacks.

Answer: They’re looking into it.

Suggestion: Make multiple gems with one click.

Answer: No plans of right now.

Suggestion: Buy multiple potions with a one quick click.

Answer: Being looked into.

Suggestion: Allow town healer to become your active companion.

Answer: They’ll definitely consider it.

Suggestion: Add a block follower conversation option

Answer: No plans at this time.

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