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Brevik Responds To Jay Wilson’s Comment

Brevik Responds To Jay Wilson’s Comment

For the ones that are not aware of some of the recent events over the internet involving Jay Wilson and David Brevik, you have missed a heavy PR hit for Blizzard. Brevik commented that he would have done things differently for Diablo 3 and his feeling are mixed when it comes to the way the game turned out. Shortly after the interview, Wilson posted a comment on Facebook saying “F**k that looser”.

Now that the harm has been done, Blizzard’s image has been severely affected by this PR incident. Wilson had a moral duty to speak out and issue an apology to reduce the damage. He posted a huge official statement on the forums to apologies in a public matter and try to make it up for his mistake. David remained silent for about a week. Some might have expected an earlier response from him but the former Diablo developer talked about this experience later one. According to him, Wilson’s reaction was “surprising”. Brevik also mentioned that he accepts Wilson’s apology. The entire discussion was part of an interview for VideoGamer that aimed to get some info about David’s upcoming title, Marvel Heroes. Apparently, Blizzard got away with it with the aid of a well written apology.


  1. Jay Wilson is a loser- With the F.U.B.A.R Acts 3 and 4 of Diablo 3 and the Anticlimactic ending that leaves you with a Yawn. The good point is that he knows it and has joined Loser’s Anonymous. Jay Wilson = Scum of the Earth.

    • Hi Bob, It is clear that Jay Wilson learned his lesson. We can see that in the future changes of the game. Several mechanics that were popular in Diablo 2 will be implemented in D3 such as an equivalent for Uber Tristram and the player x command. This indicates that Jay Wilson and his team started to acknowledge the merits of David and his team and the design of the original games that made them so popular.
      But then again this is jut my opinion. I might be wrong… or not :)

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