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Builds – Barbarian Solo Kill Inferno Diablo – Sprintwind Regen

Barbarian Solo Kill Inferno Diablo - Sprintwind Regen

Level Required – 60

Build thanks to DiNo2909.

Barbarians seem to have the hardest time in Inferno.

The following build works excellent against Diablo even with mediocre gear. The key to the build is life leech and Wrath of the Berserker with the aid of a massive Fury regen. A build we call ” Sprintwind Regen

Let’s list the skills that make this build viable for a Diablo encounter:

Left Mouse Button – Whirlwind with the Blood Funnel rune

Right Mouse Button – Sprint with the Run Like the Wind rune

Action Key 1 - Wrath of the Berserker with the Thrive of Chaos rune

Action Key 2 – Leap with the Iron Impact rune

Action Key 3 – Battle Rage with the Into the Fray rune

Action Key 4 – War Cry with the Impunity rune

Passive Skill 1: Nerves of Steel

Passive Skill 2: Weapons Master

Passive Skill 3: Ruthless

Barbarian Solo Kill Inferno Diablo - Sprintwind Regen Skills

Check it out here.

The Mechanics Of The Build

In order for this build to work, Fury regen is critical.

As long as the Barbarian can generate 25 Fury or more per second, Wrath of the Berserker will never expire.

There is one small problem: there is no damaging skill that can generate Fury directly. Instead, War Cry can serve as an initial Fury source to fuel Whirlwind.

However, this build does not rely on melee combat. Sprint is the second source of damage that can be used in any kind of situation. The most convenient way to make use the tornados left behind is by kiting in a circle around the enemies.

To make it even more effective, LOH (life on hit) needs to be stacked around 1000 in total from rings, weapon and amulet. Also attack speed is important. The life on hit stat becomes more effective with faster weapons.

In terms of resistances, 500 resist to all should be enough to mitigate a significant amount of damage.

Take a look at the gear.

Barbarian Solo Kill Inferno Diablo - Sprintwind Regen Gear

Build in action.

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