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Builds – Wizard Co-op/Solo Inferno Tank – Diamond Disintegrater

Wizard Tank - Diamond Disintegrater

Level Requirement: 58

Build thanks to Blizz but mentioned by IGN’s MythosPraxis

Lets have a look at a build we call “Diamond Disintegrater” for the Wizard. As awkward as it might seem, the Wizard has the potential skills to transform him into a decent damage soaking character.

This build tries to reduce the number of deaths especially in Inferno which is where most characters start to have serious issues. Even Barbarians start to learn to kite mobs to avoid dying.

Let’s look at how Blizzard made the skill setup for the build:

Left Mouse Button – Electrocute with the Surge of Power rune

Right Mouse Button – Disintegrate with the Intensify rune

Action Key 1 – Diamond Skin with the Crystal Shell rune

Action Key 2 – Hydra with the Venom Hydra rune

Action Key 3 – Teleport with the Fracture rune

Action Key 4 – Energy Armor with the Force Armor rune

Passive Skill 1: Galvanizing Ward

Passive Skill 2: Arcane Dynamo

Passive Skill 3: Temporal Flux

Inferno Tanking Wizard - Diamond Disintegrater Skills

Check it out here.

The Mechanics Of The Build

Gear wise, we aim to build on Vitality and resistances.

Diamond Skin is the first skill to be looked at. It should always be used when enemies get to close. It enables the character to ignore a few hits and engage into some evasive and tactical maneuvers to stay alive. It will be used a lot in Inferno.

Hydra is going to be extremely useful in co-op play. It can deal a lot of damage is the enemies are slowed or stand still. This requires a tank or someone to hold them in place. In single player, the Wizard will need to cast Venom Hydra and kite monsters in circles.

When things get too messy or something goes wrong, Teleport comes to play. It can actually make the mobs stand still and focus their attention on the two decoys left behind after the Teleportation.

Ideally, a Hydra will be left near the decoys to deal some damage while they stand in one place. Another idea is to use Teleport and Diamond Skin immediately after it is the health of the Wizard is too low.

Energy Armor does not need much explanation. It just needs to be kept up all the time for some extra mitigation. However, we will go into detail over the damaging skills. Electrocute is going to be your basic attack.

Disintegrate will act as an Arcane Power dump but with the aid of Intensify, it deals devastating damage.

Looking at the passives, Temporal Flux is just a toss up while Galvanizing Ward represents the key skill in this mix. It gives some extra health regen while and armor spell is up and it doubles the duration. Arcane Dynamo on the other hand improves DPS potential instead of survivability.

It can make Disintegrate deal 75% more damage making it even more overpowered than the abilities of Archon.

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