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Builds – Monk Solo Farming Inferno – Thunder Fist Disruptor

Solo Inferno Farming Monk Thunder Fist Disruptor

Level Requirement: 58

Build thanks to MetalMusicMan04

Lets have a look at a build we call “Thunder Fist Disruptor” for the Monk. Being a melee class makes him take more hits.

In the Inferno difficulty, this problem becomes extremely difficult to manage, damage output needs to be sacrificed for a better survivability build. We will have to build a Monk that can take hits and successfully farm Act 2 on Inferno.

Let’s see the skill selection for such a build:

Left Mouse Button – Fists of Thunder with the Lightning Flash rune

Right Mouse Button – Cyclone Strike with the Eye of the Storm rune

Action Key 1 – Sweeping Wind with the Blade Storm rune

Action Key 2 – Dashing Strike with the Quicksilver rune

Action Key 3 – Mantra of Evasion with the Backlash rune

Action Key 4 – Serenity with the Peaceful Repose rune

Passive Skill 1: One With Everything

Passive Skill 2: Transcendence

Passive Skill 3: Seize The Initiative

Solo Inferno Farming Monk - Thunder Fist Disruptor

Check it out here.

The Mechanics Of The Build

This build mainly centers around Fists of Thunder and using Cyclone Strike to disrupt enemy damage, hence the name.

When fighting Elite Monster packs, Sweeping Wind should be kept up permanently.

It can deal a nice 60% weapon damage for the entire duration of the fight. Mantra of Evasion combined with the Backlash rune increased the DPS a bit more. Both bonuses should be active all the time for best results.

The tanking spec itself requires the use of some tactical defensive abilities such as Mantra of Evasion grant additional dodge.

One With Everything will help mitigate some elemental damage while Seize the Initiative will increase the armor and make the melee hits hurt less. In terms of gear, the Monk will have to use a shield to survive.

Weapon choice is limited to one hand weapons. Attack speed is a concern for this build.

A weapon with 1.4 hits per second is the minimum recommended. This can be improved with some gear and it should go up to 1.7 or more. Ideally, the faster the attacks the better.

See the build in action.

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  1. Can we get a screen shot of the equipment used, and minimum stats?
    I am a new 60th level monk, trying out several of the builds here, and was curious. Some of the others require very expensive gear.
    Mike A!

  2. I should have said minimum stats to make this build work, incase there is any confusion, thanks.
    Mike A!

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