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Builds – Witch Doctor Inferno Whimsyshire Kite Farming – Fire Bat Summoner

Witch Doctor Inferno Whimsyshire Kite Farming - Fire Bat Summoner

Level Requirement: 44

Build thanks to Haloth.

Lets take a look at a build we call the “Fire Bat Summoner” Build. Used for gear farming Ponyland aka Whimsyshire.

Death will occur fairly frequent but let us not forget that Whimsyshire is more difficult than Act 4 Inferno. On the other hand, with a high enough magic find, Elite packs will drop around 3 rare items.

But first, a quick look at the skill selection is required:

Left Mouse Button – Firebats with the Dire Bats rune

Right Mouse Button – Grasp of the Dead with the Unbreakable Grasp rune

Action Key 1 – Big Bad Voodoo with the Slam Dance rune

Action Key 2 – Soul Harvest with the Languish rune

Action Key 3 – Spirit Walk with the Honored Guest rune

Action Key 4 – Horrify with the Face of Death rune

Passive Skill 1: Pierce of Veil

Passive Skill 2: Vision Quest

Passive Skill 3: Spirit Vessel

Witch Doctor Inferno Whimsyshire Kite Farming - Fire Bat Summoner skills

Check it out here.

The Mechanics Of The Build:

To begin with, this build is extremely gear dependent. Inferno Wimsyshire is extremely difficult and DPS is critical. Kiting will be an essential skill. Even normal mobs can one shot the Witch Doctor. This is why Spirit Vessel is used. It will not be possible to avoid all damage sources all the time. At some point, one monster will get to land a hit and kill the character. Spirit Vessel can prevent a death once every 90 seconds.

The main damage dealing ability will be Firebats. However, spamming it will drain the mana so fast that in just a few seconds the Witch Doctor will be unable to cast anything. This is why Vision Quest has been used in the build. Basically, four skills need to be on cooldown to boost the mana regen but this is not a challenging task. Big Bad Voodoo should be on cooldown all the time while Horrify will be used when mana is critical and when you cannot cast anymore. Spirit Walk should be used fairly frequent as well. With these skills, the mana regen should be enough to keep the Witch Doctor fighting continuously. These abilities should compensate the extra mana burn from Pierce of Veil.

Other than these skills, Grasp of the Dead should be saved for moments when kiting becomes difficult and an escape route needs to be found. This calls for Spirit Walk once more. If some time is needed to regen some mana, Horrify should be added to the mix.

The gear itself should be focused only on Magic Find and DPS. Since this is a farming build, damage is essential and magic find will just make the loot slightly fatter. It is a glass cannon build but the high magic find and increased loot will cover the cost for the repairs many times over by selling the decent gear.

His stats/gear.

Witch Doctor Inferno Whimsyshire Kite Farming - Fire Bat Summoner stats Witch Doctor Inferno Whimsyshire Kite Farming - Fire Bat Summoner gear

See the build in action.

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  1. Shouldn’t the Level requirmement for this build be level 60? If you are farming Whimseyshire Inferno?

    • Hi Mike level 60 requirement is for Whimsyshire farming. The build itself can be used by level 58 characters as the highest rune/skill requirement is 58.

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