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Builds – Witch Doctor Solo Inferno – Poison Dart Charger

Witch Doctor Solo Inferno Build

Level Required – 54

Build thanks to mrzinngg

The Diablo 3 Witch Doctor is capable of dealing huge amounts of damage. With a proper build, Inferno bosses become a joke. It is true that it will not be a simple walk in the park.

Resistances and avoidance is extremely important but in some cases, survivability needs to be sacrificed in favor of brute force. On the other hand, some skills can make the Witch Doctor raise back from the dead and continue the fight.

Here is the breakdown of the solo setup:

Left Mouse Button – Poison Dart with the Splinters rune

Right Mouse Button – Zombie Charger with the Zombie Bears rune

Action Key 1 – Big Bad Voodoo with the Rain Dance rune

Action Key 2 – Mass Confusion with the Paranoia rune

Action Key 3 – Fetish Army with the Fetish Ambush rune

Action Key 4 – Spirit Walk of the Jaunt rune

Passive Skill 1: Pierce of Veil

Passive Skill 2: Vision Quest

Passive Skill 3: Spirit Vessel

Witch Doctor Solo Inferno Build Skills

Check it out here.

The Mechanics of the Build

This build circulates around your Main skill Poison Dart and Zombie Bear Chargers. For solo boss fights, this build can be altered for a huge damage burst. If we were to use Zombie charger with the Zombie Bears rune, the damage output will go to the roof.

There is a video that shows a Witch Doctor killing the Butcher on Inferno Difficulty in little over a minute. He almost dies in the process but the damage that the boss takes is impressive.

Spirit Vessel is the skill that can save the character in such situations. Basically, if the Witch Doctor dies, he gets resurrected and gets another chance to finish the boss. In the video, even if he would have died, he would still be able to kill the Butcher.

Video of build in action.

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