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Builds – Wizard Solo Farm Inferno Iskatu or Hell – Archon Farmer

Wizard Solo Farm Inferno Iskatu or Hell - Archon Farmer

Level Requirement: 60

Build thanks to Reign

Lets have a look at a build we call “Archon Farmer” for Wizard.

The Wizard will have no issues farming Inferno. This particular build works very well in Hell or Inferno and can bring Iskatu down in less than 10 seconds.

Let’s have a quick look at the skills and how it is done:

Left Mouse Button – Shocking Pulse with the Piercing Orb rune

Right Mouse Button – Archon with the Improved Archon rune

Action Key 1 – Slow Time with the Time Shell rune

Action Key 2 – Magic Weapon with the Force Weapon rune

Action Key 3 – Energy Armor with the Pinpoint Barrier rune

Action Key 4 – Familiar with the Sparkflint rune

Passive Skill 1: Arcane Dynamo

Passive Skill 2: Blur

Passive Skill 3: Glass Cannon

Wizard Solo Farm Inferno Iskatu or Hell - Archon Farmer Skills

Check it out here.

The Mechanics Of The Build

The build itself does provide a bit of damage mitigation.

Energy Armor can reduce the incoming damage by a few percentages but it can be affected by diminishing effects. However, it is still great to have because of the Pinpoint Barrier rune which adds a 5% critical strike chance.

Blur offers better results in terms of damage mitigations, reducing all melee damage by 20%. Glass Cannon will affect all the skills including the damage done by Archon.

The Mechanics of Iskatu Runs.

To improve the drop rate of this particular boss, Nephalem Valor is needed but there is one problem.

Since Iskatu is the very first monster the player will encounter in Acv 4, there is no other waypoint to teleport to in order to get some stacks. However, there is a way to get them. In Act 4, the town is the same as in Act 3.

The Wizard can go to town before the fight and walk in the first areas of Act 3 to farm for Nephalem Valor stacks.

For the Iskatu combat things are fairly simple.

As soon as the cutscene ends, the Wizard will have to position itself in the upper left side near the blocked alley. This will prevent monsters from coming from all directions. If they surround the Wizard it will be more difficult to get them down effectively.

In this position they will come only from one side. The small black mobs can hit very hard so in order to shorten the encounter, Archon will be used. Out of all his abilities, only Disintegration Wave will be used. Basically, all the monsters should be targeted by the beam.

If DPS is high enough, they will be killed before reaching the Wizard. When Iskatu arrives, his HP will drop to half fairly fast. When this happens he will teleport to the center and walk back to the Wizard giving the player some more time to finish him off. Again, DPS proves its importance and if it is high enough, he will die before landing any damaging hit. If he does manage to hit the player, he can kill you with one blow.

See the build in action.

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