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Buy Diablo 3 Gold? The Highest Recommended Sites.

Buy Diablo 3 Gold? The Highest Recommended Sites.

If you do not enjoy farming you might want to try and buy Diablo 3 Gold. Let us help you find the best sites to purchase Diablo 3 gold since nobody likes to be poor.

Things become even more dramatic when you’re trying to save the world with no money in your pocket.

What’s the use of having a level 60 Diablo 3 character if you have no gold? Gold can buy you everything one can think of that is present in the game.

Why Gold Is So Important?

First of all, it is the only form of wealth in the game.

The entire Diablo 3 economy is driven by gold. Even with the Real Money Auction House, gold is still the most valuable trade coin in the game.

Having enough of it grants access to all the significant gear in the game. Owning the best items is ultimately the most important goal of every player and gold is the best way to get there.

Farming is a laborious and demanding process. Hours of gameplay are required just to get a few hundreds of thousands of gold. It might seem like a better idea to buy Diablo 3 gold but with so many sellers it is difficult to find the right one. Going for one that spams advertisements on global chat is not the most recommended way to go around it.

Respectable gold sellers do not use ingame spamming to sell gold.

The Top Places To Buy Diablo 3 Gold

Our Highest Gold Seller Recommendation – 

  • Prices are below market to on-par + updated every 10 mins
  • 1000’s of happy customers + up to the moment reviews
  • Pioneer in the Gold selling business (WOW Gold seller for years)
  • Featured on authority sites like Forbes, Washingtonpost and Gamespot.
  • 24 hour live chat help + 1-800 toll free number
  • Very professional service provider with fast communication
  • Delivery is prompt and no hassle.
  • So far the best and fastest seller in the market.

Other Recommendations:


This currency seller has been online for several years. Established in 2006, GameIM has been acting as a currency broker for more than 8 years. It offers ingame currency for t0ns of games and recently, Diablo 3 gold has been added to the mix. The services received high rated comments on the forum boards and the delivery is faster than with other currency brokers. Their rates aren’t the lowest but the quality of service compensates the difference in pricing. They sell gold at decent rates but they are likely to drop as the market sellers increase in numbers.


These particular sellers are veterans in the industry. They sell currency for several other games and their rates are fair compared to others. The quality of service is more than satisfactory according to some message boards and the delivery is prompt. They accept multiple types of secure payments that are handled by dedicated third party payment processors. Currently, their rates are a bit higher if we were to compare them with others but when dealing with a genuine, secure and honest trader this is to be expected.


So far, they are the most expensive traders. This is mainly due to the fact that they do not trade currency for that many games. Out of the five main titles for which they sell ingame gold, Diablo 3 is the most notable one. Their rates are the highest out of all the gold sellers. They have been running for 6 years and most of their reviews are positive. In general, they have a good customer retention %.


Even if this name might not sound familiar, they are the old currency sellers. The reason for this name change is not known but the website itself and quality of service remained the same. Also they maintained their reputation of being the most expensive currency traders in the industry.

GoldICQ is probably the youngest seller so far. However, they give an impression like a game gold center as they buy and sell currency for a wide variety of games. It seems that they monitor the game economy and adjust the rates according to the supply and demand.

More about A+ Recommended Seller

buy diablo 3 gold - gameusdGameUSD has been around for almost 7 years. They managed to stay in business while others had their websites brought down by Blizzard.

Their clean method of doing business kept them alive for so long. They do not use ingame spam methods to increase sales or send bulk emails.

The first thing that should be noticed about GameUSD is their VeriSign logo that is not just an image. It is actually a link to the VeriSign website containing their information. The same thing goes for all the other certifications published on the bottom of their website. There is no doubt that their means of doing business are secure and trusted.

Customer support is above the standard then what players are used to. In comparison with other shady sites, they have a toll free number, live chat, email support which all have real people answering to inquiries 24/7.

Speed of delivery and the rates at which they sell Diablo 3 and WoW gold are quite fast. Most customer reviews state that the order was delivered within the estimated time.

Also it seems that they offer incentives if the delivery is delayed. All these aspects point to the fact that GameUSD runs a genuine, real business.

It is very refreshing to find a trader this dedicated to running a top professional service. Check them out here. – our “All in One” Seller recommendation

buy diablo 3 gold - igxeAnother veteran game currency traders is Since late 2003, they have been providing quality services for millions of gamers across multiple MMORPGs and other games. Right now, they have the most decent rates. So far, IGXE has been keeping up with the gold inflation in Diablo 3 to provide the best rate and a realistic value of gold.

Behind their website IGXE is a legally established Asian company dealing in currency brokerage including the purchase and selling of multiple game coins. So far, IGXE’s services have received multiple positive reviews mainly due to their quality of services, prompt support and realistic rates.

Their customer service includes multiple means of communication such as live chat, email and four different phone lines. The company seems to take this business extremely serious. Additionally, they offer a 5% bonus if they fail to deliver the gold in less than 5 hours. When possible, they also have a one hour delivery policy and if the player is available, he will get his Diablo 3 gold in less than 60 minutes.

Overall, IGXE remains a legit gold trader after so many years of activity. When the markets are filled with so many scams, finding such reliable services is like a breath of fresh air. Check them out here.

The Diablo 3 economy has potential to reach the market value of the gold industry in World of Warcraft.

Even if gold is not yet properly regulated, there is still potential to develop a sustaining economical system. At this point, the value of Diablo 3 gold continues to drop as more players reach level 60 and find it easier to farm.

The only problem is that there is almost nothing notable to spend it on except buying items off the Auction House but that only makes the gold change hands while total quantity increases constantly due to farming players. The only way to stabilize its price is by introducing ingame NPCs that sell vanity items for gold. That would be the best moment to buy Diablo 3 gold.

About the Author: James Vega has written some really inspiring work with JustD3. He continues to inform and recommend the best. You can learn more about him on and more about JD3 as-well.

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  1. is a scam site. They have just stolen money from me. No one else should ever use their service.

    • @Rob: Thanks for letting us know, anyone else have problems with them? They are indeed a younger company.

    • I have not had a problem with them…


    • To add, www. mmosite. cc is also a scam site, they will just ignore you after your payment.

  2. I used GameUSD for WoW gold some time ago and they have a really cool point system that can be used for discounts. Other than that they seem ok.

  3. has anyone tried eing.Com yet?

    • Personaly, I didn’t used eing. Make sure you check their domain’s age and lookup for some reviews. Make sure they are genuine and not paid ones. I mostly used GameUSD for both WoW and D3 gold.

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