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Your Identity isn’t written in Stone. You get to Change your BattleTag once Free!

BattleTag Battlenet Name Change

Blizzard has made name changing a little easier for those who are not happy with their first diablo 3 battletag name pick. You get 1 more free choice to choose a worthy name. Battletags, which are a requirement are easy to change. Simply log in to account management, head to the Account > Summary page, and look for the Create or Change option. BattleTags aren’t unique, so you can pick any name you like as long as it adheres to the BattleTag Naming Policy.

Here’s what you can expect from BattleTags when Diablo III launches:
Your BattleTag will serve as your public identity when chatting, grouping, or interacting with other players in Diablo III.
Once two players agree to become BattleTag friends, you’ll automatically be able to see and interact with each of the Diablo III characters your friend plays automatically – no need to add multiple character names to your friends list individually.
Prior to the game’s release, your presence on the Diablo III forums will be connected to your BattleTag, rather than any one specific character in the game. You’ll transcend boundaries! See at Blizzard.



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