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Custom PVP is still up in the Air. Only Time will Tell.

 custom pvp diablo 3

If your into the hardcore PVP matches and custom dueling then you might be out of luck with the Diablo 3 PVP system.

Although everything is still being decided and will be released after May 15th. Bashiok, says that Blizzard does not want to take away from the PVE.

Check it out on Gamezone: Written by Matt Liebl

Bashiok – Community Manager of Blizzard says, “There won’t be ladders or leagues, we have no intent to expose team ratings, and very likely nothing besides a win/loss record to track performance etc. etc. etc. Anyone who has tried it at BlizzCon knows the PvP in Diablo III is a blast, but I’ve seen some people start to get ideas that it’s going to be an eSport, and that’s just not something we’re targeting – for the sake of our goals in the single player/co-op experience.”

Bashiok went on to explain that custom matches could lead to players attempting to create a more competitive system which, in turn, could hurt the actual PvE experience.  The result would be people complaining their 1v1 duels aren’t balanced, and could lead to demand to “sacrifice the PvE”.

“I think if there were one good argument against duels and custom games, it would be the players themselves,” he concluded.

With that, I ask you: Do you want Diablo 3 to have custom PvP matches or 1v1 dueling?  I, personally, wasn’t a fan of it in Diablo 2, but I also wasn’t any good at it.  I enjoyed the story mode, farming Mephisto, Cow Level, etc.  For those more competitive, however, I definitely understand why they want it.

Matt’s right we definitely did enjoy MF’ing with Meph runs and leveling up with Cows and Baal. But then again PVP was a nice getaway from the “runs”.

Good ol’ Cows.

Diablo2 Cow Level

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