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Demon Hunter Build Solo Inferno Patch 1.0.4 – Demon Hunter Tank

Level Required: 58

Build Thanks To:

Who said you need a sword and shield to tank? The Diablo 3 Demon Hunter might be a squishy class but the pre patch 1.0.4 tank build proved otherwise. Unfortunately, that classic build was nerfed in Diablo 3 patch 1.0.4 but an alternative setup has emerged.

It makes it possible once more to have a Demon Hunter Inferno Tank build, providing enough survivability for the character to stand still in the middle of a mob pack. No more kiting, no more dodging melee attacks. We have a new build that makes the Diablo 3 Demon Hunter almost a melee class. Sounds too good to be true? Have a look at the build and try it out for yourself.

Let’s begin with a quick look at the Demon Hunter build before moving to on to the mechanics.

Left Mouse ButtonGrenades with the Cluster Grenades rune

Right Mouse ButtonHungering Arrow with the Spray of Teeth rune

Action Key 1Shadow Power with the Gloom rune

Action Key 2Smoke Screen with the Lingering Fog rune

Action Key 3Preparation with the Backup Plan rune

Action Key 4Cluster Arrow with the Loaded for Bear rune

Passive Skill 1: Night Stalker

Passive Skill 2: Grenadier

Passive Skill 3: Archery

Demon Hunter Build Solo Inferno Patch 1.0.4 – Demon Hunter Tank

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The Mechanics of the Build

The key element of this build is Shadow Power. It should be kept up all the time. Not only that it provides a 20% life regen from all damage dealt but it also reduced the incoming damage by 65%. This damage mitigation is huge and it can literally turn the Demon Hunter into a genuine tank. Keeping Shadow Power up all the time might prove to be a bit challenging. However it can be done with the aid of Preparation and Night Stalker. Preparation with the Backup Plan makes it possible to have one out of three usages without triggering a cooldown. This counts as extra Discipline. Additionally, a high enough critical hit chance will generate sufficient Discipline with the aid of a high attack speed skill such as Grenades. Also, using Hand Crossbows should provide an additional 10% critical hit chance on top of the bonus from the gear.

In terms of Hatred spenders, we have Cluster Arrow as the main damage dealer. It might be a bit expensive but having a skill that can deal 304% weapon damage will prove to be extremely useful against elites. Hungering Arrow should only be used to generate some Hatred but this should not be much of a concern.

Difficult situations call for Smoke Screen. Sometimes 1.5 seconds of invulnerability are enough to recover from a bad beat.

The gear itself will require a more tank-like approach. In order to make this Inferno Demon Hunter Build work, we need a decent HP pool and resistances. The user that posted the build is running around with 70k HP. This ensures survivability so that he will not get killed when a pack of mobs surround him. Having some passive life on hit is also handy. Shadow Power should be sufficient but with some extra life regen, the usage of Smoke Screen should be significantly reduced.

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