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Demon Hunter Grenadier Turns Your Death into 450% Damage!

The Demon Hunter Grenadier skill has a limited usage scope.

Demon Hunter GrenadierIn the beta, the skill required level 26 to be unlocked. However, there is absolutely no use for such a skill at this early level. The final version of Diablo 3 changed the requirements increasing it to level 45.

This makes the skill open for endgame content. Even so, its usefulness is debatable.

The skill increases the Hatred gain by 2 when using Grenades and reduces the cost of Cluster Arrow by 10. Additionally, whenever the character dies it will drop a grenade that upon explosions deals 450% weapon damage as Fire.

It is difficult to find use for a skill that is triggered upon death. It is a passive skill, having no runes or synergies to enhance it. It would have been useful to see a rune that could remove the upon death trigger.

At first glance, the skill can be ruled out from any Hardcore difficulty builds.

Death is not an option on Hardcore rendering the skill useless. The Grenades and Cluster Arrow enhancements offered are not sufficient to make it viable in such a build. The skill could be useful only on Inferno difficulty.

Demon Hunter-Grenadier

The player is expected to die frequently in Inferno. In such cases, the skill might actually do some good. However, there is another problem with it. The range of the explosion is not yet clarified.

For PVP purposes, Demon Hunter Grenadier might prove to be quite useful for novice players. It is not a great build but it can take down the enemy along with the Demon Hunter.

Other from the two situations mentioned above, the Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Grenadier skill should not be used. It is just a waste of passive slots. There are plenty of better options out there to consider. Just my 2cents.

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