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Demon Hunter Smoke Screen Allows you the Power of Invisibility!

Demon Hunter Smoke Screen is a defensive skill that is useful for either escaping from enemies or getting around them to trap them. While the cost for the skill is rather high, it can be effective if used in the right hands. However, average players may find it difficult to push this skill to its peak performance. This skill is easy to unlock at the beginning of the game.

Demon Hunter Smoke ScreenLevel
The Smoke Screen skill is unlocked at level 8. This skill is found under the “Discipline” skill tree, near the top of the list.

Discipline and Cooldown
The Smoke Screen skill requires 24 discipline to use. There is no cooldown, so you can keep using this skill’s effect to run away from or trap enemies. But, the high discipline cost makes it hard to quickly spam this spell, so manage your discipline while using it.

When you use Smoke Screen, your Demon Hunter will become invisible for 1 seconds. During that time, enemies will not see you and you normally will not be attacked.

This may not seem very effective, and most players will not see much use in this skill. It allows you to escape battle, and most people will use it just for this effect.

If you pair Smoke Screen with some good traps, then you can easily disorganize and dismantle whole mobs.

This skill is also best when you have other players working with you to help disrupt the enemy’s activities. However, due to the precise timing needed to really make this skill effective, you should really train with some weaker enemies before you start using this skill seriously.

Demon Hunter Smoke-Screen Runestones

-Choking Gas: when you disappear, a cloud of gas will appear for 5 seconds. All enemies caught in the gas will receive 70% weapon damage.

-Lingering Fog: you will be invisible for 4 seconds instead of 1.5.

-Breathe Deep: you will gain 20 hatred per second while invisible.

-Special Recipe: the discipline cost is reduced to 21.

-Displacement: you will move 35% faster when invisible.

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