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Diablo 3 Build Guide. Choose Wisely.

Diablo 3 Build Guide

This Diablo 3 Build Guide will give you an overview of the basics. Diablo 3 changed the way players approach different difficulty levels. Each Diablo 3 class has millions of combinations of skills available but how can a player know which one is best for certain situations?

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To begin with this basic build guide, we need to mention that there are some general rules that apply for all classes.

1. Resistances are critical for any build regardless of the skill bonuses. It should be obtained by using items to increase them after the following formula to avoid diminishing returns:
(Total HP / 35 ) – 310 = The right value of resistances to aim for
2. All classes need to have 100 dexterity. Monks and Demon Hunters do not have this problem as this is their main stat. 100 dexterity is the limit at which diminishing returns is not something to be concerned about. This value offers just enough dodge.
3. A dead character is not helping anyone. If things get too rough, compromise on damage and improve survivability.
4. There is no such build that fits any type of situation.

Now, let’s get a bit into some details for each class to give our short Diablo 3 build guide a more detailed approach. We will have some guidelines for leveling, farming and Inferno progression

A basic class specific Diablo 3 Build Guide

Diablo 3 Build Guide barbarian


1. Leveling. Anything goes but the main focus is damage. Do not use defensive passives or skills with long cooldowns such as Wrath of the Berserker. AoE skills like Bash are great and Passives such as Ruthless and Weapons Master are a must.
2. Farming. We need skills that can deal huge damage numbers. Wrath of the Berserker is great to have around and Superstition is a good passive to improve survivability.
3. Inferno. Mitigation is the key here. Grab a shield and compromise on damage. Get Tough as Nails, Superstition and Nerves of Steel and you might have a chance.

Diablo 3 Build Guide monk


1. Leveling. Mantra of Conviction is a must. Enemies must die fast and without pressing too many buttons. Lashing Tail Kick and other AoE skills will help greatly on grabbing exp faster.
2. Farming. For this one we need to bring out the big guns. Mantra of Evasion is good to have around for some avoidance and high damaging skills should aid to bring down those Rare monsters faster.
3. Inferno. We will need the Mantra of Evasion and some damage avoidance passives with armor boosters. Seize the Initiative is a good choice combined with One With Everything and Near Death Experience.

Diablo 3 Build Guide demon hunter

Demon Hunter

1. Leveling. Fan of Knives is a great AoE ability to use for leveling and has a low cooldown of only 10 seconds. Multishot is also a good choice. Everything that can hit multiple targets will contribute to the overall leveling speed.
2. Farming. For this we need some handy damage dealing single target attacks. Rapid Fire can do miracles against monsters with a lot of hit points. Archery is an obvious choice for a passive.
3. Inferno. The Demon Hunter does not have any decent passive skills to improve survivability but any skill that can improve its avoidance abilities is a must. Melee damage should be avoided with the aid of skills like Entangling Shot and Evasive Fire.

Diablo 3 Build Guide witch doctor

Witch Doctor

1. Leveling. Like with all other characters, we need steady damage and skills that do not consume much mana while hitting multiple targets. Plague of Toads is a good choice and when paired with Locust Swarm, enemies should die instantly.
2. Farming. Fetish Army is an obvious choice. It does a decent amount of damage for 20 seconds and keeps monsters away from you. The goal is to find skills that can deal damage bursts. Almost all spells with a high cooldown are decent for farming.
3. Inferno. We need some survival skills. Horrify is great to send monsters away while HP is low. Spirit Vessel is a great passive to have. It literally gives the character the ability to come back from the dead.

Diablo 3 Build Guide wizard


1. Leveling. Constant damage is a must and the ability to hit multiple targets will increase the rate at which you gain exp. Skills like Electrocute work well. Blizzard is also a good choice as it hits all targets within a specific area.
2. Farming. Archon is the main skill that will be used for farming. Other than that, Diamond Skin will work and some passives to increase damage.
3. Inferno. Diamond Skin and Storm Armor must be present in the build. Teleport is optional but if used, odds of survival are greatly increased. For passive skills, Blur might work but it is optional. There isn’t much to be chosen from so anything goes if it creates synergies.

Use Elective Mode:

By default, all of the hotkeys in Diablo 3 are mapped to a certain group of skills. For instance, all Primary skills are mapped to the left mouse button, all Secondary skills are mapped to the right mouse button, and so forth. This means that players can choose only one Primary skill, which will be mapped to the left mouse button; they cannot use another Primary skill at the same time.

Elective mode allows the players to map any skill they want, to any hotkey they want, without the above restrictions. This means that players can map more than one Primary skill to their hotkeys at a time, and so forth. Elective mode is a must if players want greater customization of their characters and builds, and should be activated as soon as possible.

To activate elective mode, press the Esc key, then choose Options > Gameplay, then toggle on Elective mode.

These simple tips should be enough to get you started.

However, check out our highest Diablo 3 build recommendation. Diablo 3 speed. Check out the guide here.

Remember to experiment and try multiple variations. There are no perfect builds and nothing is set in stone. Blizzard might change certain skill mechanics at any time so check our build page to see the latest and most effective builds.

Diablo 3 build guide classes

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