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Diablo 3 Builds – Monk Solo Inferno Farming – Lathi’s Charge

Diablo 3 Builds – Monk Solo Inferno Farming – Lathi’s Charge

Required Level: 54

Build Inspired By: Holy Hermit

Patch 1.0.7 made Monks even more powerful. A lot of their spirit consuming skills have been buffed to deal double or triple damage. Today’s Monk build makes use of some of them to make it easier to farm exp in Inferno and optimize Paragon farming. There are a few things that need to be considered about this build as Monster Power plays an important role and if the DPS is too high and creeps die too fast, this will snowball and Spirit regen will become a big problem. If everything is done correctly, this Inferno Monk build can be used to farm efficiently Act 3 using the Alkaizer route.

Here is a quick brief on how the skills should be mapped:

Left Mouse Button – Fists of Thunder with the Quickening rune

Right Mouse Button – Tempest Rush with the Tailwind rune

Action Key 1 – Breath of Heaven with the Infused with Light rune

Action Key 2 – Sweeping Wind with the Inner Storm rune

Action Key 3 – Wave of Light with the Wall of Light rune

Action Key 4 – Mantra of Healing with the Circular Breathing rune

Passive Skill 1: One With Everything

Passive Skill 2: Chant of Resonance

Passive Skill 3: Exalted Soul

Diablo 3 Inferno Monk Build

Check the build calculator

The Mechanics Of The Build:

The first thing that can be notices is the high focus on Spirit regeneration. There are four active skills in the build that offer an enhanced Spirit regen as well as two passive that affect it in one way or another. The presence of Tempest Rush can lead to resource starvation which makes it ineffective as an Inferno build but with a high enough regeneration rate, it can be just enough to make the Monk rush to the next pack of mobs. The build itself aims to optimize Inferno Act 3 faming. Fists of Thunder will be used as main damage dealer and Spirit regen souce while Wave of Light will prove its effectiveness when a high DPS burst is required. With the Wall of Light rune, the ability deals little over 1200% weapon damage which makes champion pack fights very easy.

In terms of itemization, the gear will decide which would be the best monster power to play on. Using this Inferno Monk build will prove to be very ineffective if monsters die too fast. Spirit regen will become very inefficient. To make it work, the mobs need to survive a couple of hits to avoid spirit starvation. The build should be just as effective even with lower end gear but it will not work on higher Monster Power levels. A bit of experimentation is required in order to decide which MP level works best depending on the available gear.

Crit chance should be around 30% in order for Fists of Thunder to proc efficiently. Tempest Rush should be used whenever possible to travel from one pack to another while Wave of Light should be saved for difficult fights. As with all other builds and classes, resistances are important and can save some money on the repair bill. The more resistances available the better.

Check below to see the build in action.

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