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Diablo 3 Classes

diablo 3 classes


The latest installment of the Diablo franchise brought many changes to the game mechanics and Diablo 3 classes.

Some of them were removed while others were improved or left intact.

The game still has the same feel and look.

Unlike its predecessor, Diablo 3 comes straight out of the box with 5 playable character classes compared to the 3 available in the original Diablo.

Furthermore, each class in Diablo 3 has both female and male versions. All the Diablo 3 classes have their own pros and cons but carefully designed to offer a feel of balance.

Check out The Diablo 3 Classes

diablo 3 classes

Diablo 3 Classes-Wizard
Diablo 3 Classes-Witch Doctor
Diablo 3 Classes-Monk
Diablo 3 Classes-Demon Hunter
Diablo 3 Classes-Barbarian


diablo3classes1The Barbarian is the only Diablo 3 class that was also present in the previous installment of the game.

He has returned 20 years older and a little wiser. It is a pure melee class, focused on destructive weapons and brute force.

The Diablo 3 version of the Barbarian class has been subject to an evolutionary improvement. Its resource pool consists of Fury.

This class specific resource is fueled by damage dealing abilities or incoming hits from enemies. They can use almost any weapon class in the game and even dual-wield.

The Barbarian skill tree allows the player to select its role in combat. The primary role of the Barbarian is to make its way through enemies bashing their heads with brute force, dealing high damage blows.

However the character can assume another critical role with the help of certain skills. When dealing with powerful enemies, the Barbarian can become a damage soaking tank to keep the other players safe.

This class emphasizes on the power, destruction and brute force as a means to fight evil. Every melee class enthusiast will find the Barbarian a great character to play with.

Also, known as dual weapon wielding mammoth, who depends mainly on sheer might and force to take down his opponents.

Players choosing to go with the Barbarian will have at their disposal a host of revamped skills that are based on exemplary physical prowess. Being able to whirlwind through a crowd, leap across crags, cleave through swarms and crush enemies upon landing are some of the powers of the Barbarian.


This class takes some of the abilities of its predecessor and combines them into an exotic spell casting warrior.


Invoking the ancient spirits, the Witch Doctor will summon pets and zombies to aid him in combat.

Even if they are limited, in a sustained difficult combat situation, their drain life abilities can save the party from a tragic outcome.

With the aid of curses and hexes to weaken their enemies, the Witch Doctor can be a valuable asset to any party.

The destructive dark magic power they hold can turn a dead body into a powerful ally. They can literally build small armies to dominate a battlefield.

Their main resource pool consists of mana. The pool size increases as the character progresses and increases their level and skill.

However, mana regeneration is slow and the Witch Doctor must carefully spend his resources. This class makes use of various weapons including off-hand equipment, daggers, knives and class specific head pieces.

He/She is a completely new character in the Diablo 3 game series but bears similarities to the Necromancer from Diablo 2. In Diablo III, the Witch Doctor is based around the dark arts using summoning, curses and spells.



The Monk is a melee type class. They will make use of tactics, speed and aura bonuses instead of brute force.

The character relies on martial arts using spirit as its class specific resource. It has a fixed maximum value and a slow regeneration rate.

Some its combat skills are used to enhance the spirit regeneration rate while others consume it.

With the aid of combos, mantras (auras) and passive skills, the Monk turns into an entertaining melee class that seems to fight off his enemies with his bare hands.

This combat style was influenced by the Assassin class from Diablo 2. Similarly, the Monk is usually focused around fist weapons like the katar. The character unites the melee parts of Diablo 2’s Assassin class with Paladin’s holy warrior role.

They are masters of damage deflecting and fast paced combat. They prove great mobility and speed in combat, moving fast between and around enemies.

Many of their skills rely on flanking the enemy and dodging attacks. Cause of all these situational benefits, the Monk becomes a fearful adversary in both PVE and PVP gameplay.

The Monk is a new character to the game and is termed as the ‘Holly Warrior’ with his own kungfu combo moves and spells. Though powerful, the Monk is not as sturdy as the Barbarian.

The fastest attacker of all Diablo 3 classes, the monk uses martial art skills to destroy foes, contain damage, destroy projectiles and attack with amazing speed.

The spirit is the Monk’s fuel and it has defensive uses. It’s generated slowly by attacking, although it does not diffuse.


The Wizard is the equivalent of the Diablo 2 Sorceress. They wield the power of magic to their advantage.

A pure spell casting class that focuses on elemental damage with the aid of a wide array of spells.

Its main weapons of choice are orbs and wands. Orbs are not quite weapons but off-hand items that can improve elemental damage.

Being a ranged class, the Wizard holds many skills that can offer significant tactical advantage in combat. Freezing enemies and summoning elemental allies are only a few of the tricks up the sleeve of this class.

The class draws its destructive power from Arcane Power a fast regenerating source of energy.

This class specific resource pool has a fixed maximum but its regeneration rate can be altered as the character grows in strength and skill.

She uses very powerful magic to attack enemies but with minimal damage to her.

Demon Hunter


The Demon Hunter is a fanatic ranged vigilante whom stops at nothing to cleanse the word of evil.

Making use of ranged weapons such as bows, crossbows traps, the character becomes a ruthless adversary to any demon or hell spawn enemy.

The Demon Hunter can make use of melee abilities as well to become the ultimate weapon against demons. In order to become the ultimate weapon against evil, Demon Hunters cloak themselves with shadow magic to enhance their powers.

Their resource pool is composed Hatred and Discipline.

This dual resource system enables the class to use defensive and offensive abilities independently.

Hatred  fuels offensive abilities, while Discipline is used for defensive maneuvers. When Hatred runs low, the character can rely on Discipline to fall back and rebuild its resources.

Every PVP enthusiast will enjoy this character. They can evade from difficult situations and lay traps to knock down their enemies.

This character brings together features of Diablo 2’s Assassin and Amazon classes.

Using crossbows as their principle weapon, Demon Hunters can also attack enemies with small bombs.

Revamped Diablo 3 Classes

The five Diablo 3 classes offer a vast gameplay experience.

There is a character for each play style. The two melee classes, the Barbarian and the Monk offer Hand to hand combat experience.

The ranged damage dealers, the Wizard and the Witch Doctor offer the two sides of this type of combat.Wizards will focus on dealing damage while Witch Doctor will avoid confrontation by commanding armies.

The Demon Hunter is a Jack of all trades. It combines melee and ranged abilities based on situational combat encounters.


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