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Diablo 3 On PlayStation Confirmed

Diablo 3 On PlayStation Confirmed

This year, Sony prepared a handful of surprises including the upcoming launch of the PlayStation 4. Amongst all the presentations, the most notable one was held by Blizzard’s Chris Metzen who confirmed the porting of Diablo 3 to the PlayStation 3 and 4.

The PlayStation meeting was taken by storm by the apparition of Chris Metzen. Blizzard signed a partnership with Sony to deliver Diablo 3 to their consoles. According to Chris, the game will be available on the current consoles and the upcoming PlayStation 4, confirming the rumors that circulated over the internet. It seems that the game is already running on the PS3 back at Blizzard. The dev team adjusted all the game’s features to make it easier to play with a controller.

Another impressive feature that PlayStation fans will get to see is the four-player hot seat for Diablo 3. The game will be capable of running four instances in split screen mode, allowing up to four players to join the fight against the Lord of Terror using just one console, one display and four controllers.

The announcement immediately caused the current Diablo 3 players to formulate speculations that the game was designed to be compatible with consoles from the start. According to the threads, the zone designs are perfect for console co-op split screen mode. At the same time, the number of active skills on the bar is just enough to be mapped on a controller. Some went as far as to claim that the game’s complexity has been keep minimal to make console players happy and interested in a PS3 and 4 version of Diablo 3.

The most negativistic opinions stipulated that the PC version is more of a massive open beta project to make sure that the product that will be delivered to Sony is satisfying.

Leaving aside all these community comments, the partnership will surely increase the number of players and sales. Blizzard is slowly aiming to make the game a record breaker in terms of copies sold. The positive aspect of this partnership is that the number of players will increase dramatically. It will surely affect the Diablo 3 economy in one way or another but it is still unclear how the PC and the PlayStation version of Diablo 3 will interact with each other and how the players will fund their accounts or even cash-out.

At the same time, opportunists and Auction House players might take advantage of this announcement and wait for the launch date, hoping that a large mass of players will join the fight against the Prime Evil which can become very profitable. If the number of PlayStation players will be high enough, many existing Diablo 3 enthusiasts will get to profit off the RMAH by selling the new comers gear and gold.

Chris Metzen did not present any kind of details regarding these aspects. According to Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment, “Diablo 3 looks and plays great on the PlayStation”. The fans will get to try it out this year at PAX East and probably at the Blizzcon.

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