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Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.5 Insights

After a few days of silence with no news, Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.5 preview has been revealed. It looks like the development team learned its lesson after so many months since the launch. Jay Wilson learned not to pick on David Brevik and maybe get inspired by his work. This lead to a few new additions that we will get to see in Patch 1.0.5 that will make Diablo 3 feel more like the previous game from the series.

Remember Uber Tristram?

In Diablo 2, players could go to Uber Tristram where they would meet all the major bosses at once. The only twist was that they were incredibly powerful, able to kill any player with one shot. Sounds exciting right? Diablo 3 will have a similar thing called “The Infernal Machine”. The fights will be extremely difficult and most probably, players will want to do it as a group to improve their winning chances. Let us not forget that a mixed group can buff each other and improve damage and survivability.

New Monster Power System

Again, we have to look at Diablo 2 and its famous “players 8” command. This was a very popular method to increase the difficulty of the monsters. The command increased the monster damage, hp, experience gain and quantity of loot dropped. It did not influence the quality of the drops. This meant that the players would not get more legendary items but more items in general. Their quality was calculated with the magic find formula for each individual item. So far, the multiplayer system in Diablo 3 does not increase the experience gain or loot drop quantity in any way. It is interesting to see if the Monster Power system will alter these aspects of the game as well.

Defensive Skills Get Nerfed…

Don’t get scared. Players will receive a bit more damage if we were to look at the math but this is not what Blizzard wants. In fact, they will nerf the damage of the Inferno mobs by 25%. The defensive skills nerf will be less than that so that players will end up having an improved survivability. Basically, Blizzard wants to create a higher diversity in terms of build choices. Even if there are hundreds of billions of combinations possible, players still use only a handful of builds. Some skills are almost mandatory for any build but this will change as the developers want to buff the defensive abilities to improve survivability and give the players the option to exclude them or use them less. These changes were covered in a separate blog post that gives all the details including class specific skill modifications and interesting statistics such as the fact that 83% of the Wizard builds use Energy Armor.

One of the few skills that will not get nerfed is the Monk One With Everything Passive. According to Blizzard, if they were to nerf it, most of the existing players will have to replace their gear and this can become too expensive and a lot of people will get furious. There are plans to nerf it at some point in the future but nothing is clear right now.

So far things look great and Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.5 will add even more content for the players besides the existing Paragon system which seems to be satisfactory for the vast majority of the players.

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