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Diablo 3 Skills

Diablo 3 skills

The introduction of new Diablo 3 skills has enabled Blizzard to do away with the repetitive and inactive traits.

They are going to be passive while dynamic at the same time.

Your character can choose 7 out of the 24 skills provided.

The Diablo 3 skills have maintained a good level of simplicity compared to Diablo 2 so that one can keep track of the skills on the action bar.

Diablo 3 Skills Revealed!

Check out various Diablo 3 skills for the different characters according to the active and passive.



Diablo 3-skills

Check out all the Barbarian Skills here:

Barbarian Active Skills || Barbarian Passive Skills


Fury generator

Fury spender

battle rage, hammer of the ancients, rend, seismic slam, sprint, threatening shout, weapon throw and whirlwind.

  • Situational- call of the ancients, earthquake, ignore pain, overpower, revenge and wrath of the berserker.


  • Animosity, Blood thirsty, Brawler, Berserker rage, Boon of bul-kathos, Inspiring presence, Juggermaut
  • No escape, Pound of flesh, Relentless, Ruthless, Nerves of Steel, Superstition, Though on nails, Weapons master

Monk skills


Check out all the Monk skills here

Monk Active Skills || Monk Passive Skills


Spirit generator

  • the crippling wave, deadly reach, exploding palm, fist of thunder, sweeping wind and way of hundred fists

Spirit spender

  • blinding flash, breath of heaven, dashing strike, inner sanctuary, lashing tail kick, lethal decoy, mystic ally, serenity, seven sided strike and wave of light.


  • conviction, evasion, healing and retribution mantras.


  • Beacon of Ytar, Crippling Wave, Fists of Thunder, Chart of resonance, Exalted soul, Fleet footed, Guiding light
  • Never death experience, One with everything, Pacifism, Inner Sanctuary, Resolve, Seize the initiative
  • Sixth sense, The Guardian’s path, Transcendence

Witchdoctor Skills


Check out all the Witch Doctor skills here

Witch Doctor Active Skills || Witch Doctor Passive Skills


Physical realm

Spirit realm


  • big bad voodoo, fetish army, garqantuan, grasp of the dead, hex, sacrifice and summon zombie dogs.


  • Blood ritual, Circle of life, Death trance, Fierce loyalty, Gruesome feast, Ruth of essence, Spiritual attunement
  • Tribal rites, Pierce the veil, Vermin, Vision quest, Zombie handler


Wizard Skills


Check out all the Wizard skills here

Wizard Active Skills || Wizard Passive Skills



  • electrocute, magic missile, shock pulses and spectral blade.


  • arcane torrent, arcane orb, blizzard, blast, hydra, meteor, ray of frost and wave of force.


  • archon, diamond skin, energy armor, familiar, frost nova, ice armor, magic weapon, mirror image, slow time and teleport.


  • arcane dynamo, astral presence, blur, evocation, glass cannon, galvanizing ward,
  • illusionist, power hungry, prodigy, temporal flux, unstable anomaly

Demon Hunter Skills


Check out all the Demon Hunter skills here

Demon Hunter Active Skills || Demon Hunter Passive Skills



  • bola shot, chackram, cluster arrow, entangling shot, evasive fire, elementary arrow, fan of knives, grenades, hungering arrow, impale, multi-shot, rapid fire, rain of vengeance and spike trap, strife.


  • caltrops, comparison, marked for death sentry, shadow poser, smoke screen and vault.


  • preparation


  • Archery, Ballistic, Brooding, Custom engineering, Cull the weak, Fundamentals, Grenadier,
  • Hot pursuit, Perfectionist, Sharp shooter, Steady aim, Thrill of the hunt, Vengeance

Understanding Diablo 3 skills

Though many players have considered just getting 4 skills out of the 7 available, Diablo 3 skills have been designed in such a way that there is sufficient benefits in getting the 7 skills. Diablo 3 release date updated here!

For amateur players, this is the perfect opportunity to get to learn the skills get a chance to know more about Diablo 3 skills.

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