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Diablo 3 Speed Leveling From 1 To 60: The JustD3 Way

Diablo 3 Speed Leveling From 1 To 60: The JustD3 Way

We have gotten the chance to read some of the speed leveling guides out there and the time has come for us to step forward with our own version. This is not a 40 page guide or anything like that. We wanted to make a guide that will take only 10 minutes to read. It is not enough to guide a player step by step on what he needs to do.

Our lightning speed crash course power leveling guide aims to make players understand how we managed to get a character from 1 to 60 in record time. If you are curious to find out how long it took us keep reading. At the end of the guide there will be a screenshot take right when we hit level 60 showing the number of hours played. The final results might sound a bit unreal but we did manage to do it without any hacks, bugs, exploits or anything that might get our account banned. We just got some gold and started planning a bit before creating the character.

The Fundamentals

Diablo 3 Speed Leveling From 1 To 60: The JustD3 WayTo make it work we had a clear plan in mind. Several game mechanics and preparation were well set in stone even before the creation of the character. The rules were fairly simple. We knew that a budget will be required so we bought some gold but not too much. Leveling a character should not be expensive. With that being said, we got 2 million gold from a third party seller. We were not going to pay $2.5 per million when we can get it for $1 from a trusted gold seller that we have used in the past. With the money in the pocket and the ideas written on paper we started putting together the rules that will prevent the waste of time. It is a Diablo 3 speed leveling attempt and time is our more valuable resource.


1.    The gold bought will be used to get leveling items.
2.    The gear will be placed in the stash.
3.    All shopping will be done before creating the character to avoid wasting time on the Auction House.
4.    No items will be picked up to avoid going back to town for repairs or to clear the inventory and waste time.
5.    We will not join a co-op game (this is very important).
6.    There will be 5 gear update sequences in which upgrades will replace to improve keep the DPS scaling with the monster difficulty: level 15, 25, 35, 45, 55.
7.    Optional rules: sandwiches, cigarettes, drinks should be close by to minimize downtime. This sounds a bit extreme but we really wanted to make it a true speed leveling experience.

The Mechanics Explained:

1.    Gear
Diablo 3 Speed Leveling From 1 To 60: The JustD3 Way
Gear will start to play an important role at level 15 and at level 45. A helm can have a socket only if it is level or above meaning that at that particular point we will get a Ruby inserted into it for some extra experience bonus. Other pieces of gear should also have +experience as it will add up in the end, causing our character to level much faster than others. DPS is important as well. We want to kill monsters as fast as possible so we can move on to the next pack. All leveling characters can only influence their DPS by getting decent weapons. The primary attribute will not make much of a difference because we are talking about small numbers. Weapons are the main priority.

2.    The Level 45 Milestone

Reaching level 45 might seem easy and the road ahead a bit more difficult. That is completely false. Leveling becomes much more smooth and easy after level 45. Why? Because we can get level 60 weapons with minus 15 to level requirement. That means we can get even 10k DPS at level 45 and everything will die with one hit. Sounds too good to be true? Check out the weapons we used. Before hitting level 45, monsters needed two or more hits to die. When we got our amazing weapons, everything started to drop even faster. In fact it took us the same amount of time to get from 45 to 47 as from 44 to 45. This small detail made the difference but how much did it cost us? 50k and 40k. With 90k we got two great weapons and our DPS reached almost 11k right at level 45.

3.    Public Games Are A No No!

One of the questions we had in the beginning was whether or not to go for co-op games. We knew from our past leveling experiences that the vast majority of players do not know how important gear is or how much time is wasted in town. On top of that, there is no exp multiplier. In other words, we get the same exp as in a single player game but the monsters will take longer to kill since the other three players have a ridiculously low DPS compared to ours. Long story short, we decided to level completely alone since it will take much longer to do it in co-op. Even with the changes implemented in Diablo 3 patch 1.0.4, public games are still a waste of time when it comes to leveling.

4.    Running Speed: Faster Is Better

About 60% of the time spent in the first two acts was wasted running around looking for something to kill. Acts 3 and 4 were a bit more balanced with a 50/50 rate of walk/kill rate. This means that a lot 50% of the time we played was not yielding us any exp. We couldn’t accept this and decided to do something about it. There are several options to increase running speed. Some classes have certain skills that can improve it but we decided to go for some gear to help out on this matter. We got a pair of boots with movement speed and the balance began to change. The experience gain per hour skyrocketed just because more time was allocated to killing monsters and less on running.

5.    No Stopping And No Zone Grinding

Staying in one zone to grind for exp is a bad idea from the start. There is one general rule that needs to be applied and it makes perfect sense: the monsters in the next zone will yield more exp. Since our DPS was more than enough to handle pretty much anything, we always rushed to complete the quests and get to the next zone and cash in that increased exp.

6.    No Slacking

All the gear that we used during the leveling marathon was bought before creating the character. We didn’t want to lose any time shopping. Everything was prepared and placed in the stash and when the time came, whenever we had to turn in a quest, we grabbed the upgrades. We also avoided unnecessary breaks. Whenever we did take one, we decided to exit the game so that the counter would not record the time wasted.

Also, we did not waste time exploring every corner of a map. We just followed the quest line and made it a priority. It is the best way to progress and increase the experience per hour gain.

7.    Survivability

Whenever a character dies, it wastes time running back, going for repairs more often and so on. This was not the case for us. The DPS was more than enough to kill everything before they even got the chance to pose a threat. Problems started to appear in Hell as the importance of resistances began to show up but that happened later in Act 3 and 4. We predicted this small inconvenience and got some pieces of gear with some resistances. It might seem a bit unbelievable but we only died 3 times during the entire leveling grind and it happened in Hell. Going from 1 to 60 with only 3 deaths due to the gear we had.


Regardless of class, the chosen follower should be a ranged one that can contribute to DPS is one way or another. A ranged follower is unlikely to get killed as often as the Templar who will just rush into the monster packs and soak up the hits. Probably in his false misconception he believes that he can take it. We know that is not the case so we went for an Enchantress with some modest gear. The experience bonus from her gear is not worth investing additional gold.

Summing Things Up

Diablo 3 Speed Leveling From 1 To 60: The JustD3 Way
The entire speed leveling experience was rewarding. We even got a few Legendary items in the process. There is a screenshot below with a very nice shield that we are still using now in Inferno until we get a cheap upgrade. We managed to get from 1 to 60 in 13 hours and 28 minutes. Do we think we can do better? Definitely! It is possible to cut down some time as this was our first attempt to achieve a real Diablo 3 speed leveling experience. If we were to do it again, we might get a better time but we don’t expect any miracles. We might also record it but this can cause some time to be wasted to cut the videos while recording. In the best case scenario we might be able to cut 60 to 90 minutes. Even so, the result was more than satisfying. In the end, we hope that our experience can help other gamers achieve similar results and spend less time leveling and more time grinding for Paragon Levels and Legendary items.

And here is the final result: Diablo 3 Speed Leveling From 1 To 60: The JustD3 Way

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  1. Can you do it again but video tape this time and upload it to youtube?
    Thanks :)

  2. I was wondering if doing it all on MP10 would be faster than MP0.

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