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Diablo 3 Total Played Time 7x Lower Than League Of Legends

Diablo 3 Total Played Time 7 Times Lower Than League Of Legends

In just one year since it was launched, League of Legends managed to become the most played game today. According to some statistics released by xFire there are 1,292,502,456 hours played. The CEO of the company admitted in a public statement that these statistics are incredible. With such popularity of this PvP MMORPG, clones have emerged but all of them faced lawsuits.

Diablo 3 managed to get only 172,907,605 hours of playtime. In just two months, the game managed to get a decent spot in the top ten most played games, ranking as fifth. World of Warcraft holds the second spot in the top ten with half the numbers showcased by League of Legends.

League of Legends needed 1 years to achieve this performance while Diablo 3 has been out only for a couple of months. The future of these statistics will be dictated by the growth of both games. Diablo 3 has a lot to catch up but with the players quitting the dark themed hack and slash RPG, the future is uncertain for the Blizzard owned title. Right now, Battlefield 3 is only one million hours away from Diablo 3. If the trend will continue as it does right now, we can expect Diablo 3 to lose a spot. Either way, the performance of the game so far is decent. Only a few other titles achieved such performance in two months.

Things might change when the PvP patch will be released for the Blizzard title. So far there hasn’t been any official communication of a release date. The only thing that the community knows is that PvP will come with patch 1.1. There might be a few patches in between but nothing is confirmed. Right now, the only certain things is that players are leaving Diablo 3 but they might return for the PvP arenas and tournaments. Without a doubt, players will return and maybe increase in numbers when PvP gets implemented.

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