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Diablo 3 Wizard Inferno Build – Critical Mass (Updated)

Diablo 3 Wizard Inferno Build – Critical Mass (Updated)

Required Level: 54

Build Inspired By: Cortexting

Critical Mass has been the only Wizard Inferno Build that provided enough survivability to make Inferno farming runs efficient. Patch 1.0.5 brought several changes that made the old build obsolete. Due to some change of mechanics, players had to change it in order to get it to work again. Today’s Critical Mass build has been updated to work on Patch 1.0.7. The build is extremely efficient to farm champion packs and leave white mobs behind. It can make the Wizard a very efficient Inferno farmer, maximizing Legendary item and Demonic Essence drops per hour. Some players managed to farm 500 Demonic Essences of patch day in less than 24 hours using this build.

It is true that it is a gear depended build but this is valid for all the great builds such as the Barbarian Double Tornado build. With a little gold invested into gear, the build can be used to farm more efficiently and in time it will pay for the gear on its own.

Here is the skill setup:

Left Mouse Button – Energy Twister with Wicked Wind rune

Right Mouse Button – Teleport with Safe Passage rune

Action Key 1 – Diamond Skin with the Diamond Shards rune

Action Key 2 – Explosive Blast with the Chain Reaction rune

Action Key 3 – Frost Nova with the Bone Chill rune

Action Key 4 – Energy Armor with the Pinpoint Barrier rune

Passive Skill 1: Evocation

Passive Skill 2: Critical Mass

Passive Skill 3: Cold Blooded

Wizard Critical mass build

Check the build calculator

The Mechanics:

The build should be used mainly to bring down large packs of mobs. It can be used for Paragon farming but it excels at skipping white mobs and going only for champions which makes it excellent for gear grinding. The Critical Mass passive is the shining star of the build. With its cool down reduction on crit effect, Frost Nova can become a spammable spell despite its 12 second cooldown. The only problem that needs to be solved is Arcane Power regen. Fortunately, with a couple of items, the build becomes viable. At least 15 Arcane Power per critical hit is required to avoid Arcane Power starvation. Frost Nova should provide enough survivability on its own but there are situations in which Arcane Power can go very low or due to lack of mobs, the cooldown for it doesn’t get reduced fast enough. For such situations, Teleport becomes a must have. When things are going the right way, Explosive Blast can be used as an additional source of damage. At the same time, Energy Twisted can be used to help sustain the Arcane Power regeneration.

From a gear wise perspective, Critical Mass is expensive. Critical hit change needs to be moderately high and ideally, anything above 35% should work just fine. Additionally, the efficiency of this Inferno build can be augmented with the aid of certain items such as The Oculus that can reduce the cooldown for Teleport or Slorak’s Madness that can increase the damage of Energy Twister.

Watch the build in action in the video below

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