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Die-hard Fan Gets A Diablo 3 Tyrael Tattoo

Die-hard Fan Gets A Diablo 3 Tyrael Tattoo

How deep is your love for Diablo 3? Would you say you love the game so much you would get a tattoo? Once you jump into such a bold decision there’s no turning back but this did not prevent a dedicated Diablo 3 fan to get a Tyrael tattoo.

According to the gamer, he does not regret this decision. He will still enjoy and love his tattoo even if he stops playing the game. He got the idea for the tattoo after seeing the artwork on the arm of another fan. He decided to get it done on a larger scale on his back.

He posted a video on YouTube showing the artist while he was working on the tattoo itself. The image itself is inspired from a Tyrael wallpaper that is also found in The Book Of Cain. He was so happy with the final result that he even recommends the artwork for people that want a tattoo but never heard of Diablo.

Check out the initial discussion thread here with some more pictures and the videos below.

Get the wallpaper here

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