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February Hotfixes Published – Diablo 3 Exploit Nailed Down

February Hotfixes Published – Diablo 3 Exploit Nailed Down

Patch 1.0.7 is now running on the live servers after a fairly interesting launch day. Two problems were immediately noticed by the community out of which one was fixed in the February hotfixes.

As soon as the servers went online after the patch has been deployed, players noticed that the minimum gold listing price has been lowered to 1 cent on the Europas. Blizzard immediately took them down to correct the problem. The issue that caused a bit more hype is related to the new Demonic Essences, a regent for the new crafting recipes. Blizzard wanted to make them untradeable but some clever gamers discovered that they can be dropped on the ground and picked up by other players.

This exploit was immediately noticed and the news started to spread. Known Diablo 3 streamers did in on the live servers in front of their viewers.

Many forum threads were immediately opened, questioning if these players should be banned or not. Looking back the other exploits such as the unidentified item bug, no player has been banned for abusing game mechanics. The same thing happened for the “Jay Wilson” exploit. Kripparrian was not banned for using an exploit.

The fix for this coding glitch has been applied on February 13 and the hotfix thread followed two days later. Apparently, marquise gems could also be traded this way, despite the fact that they should also be account bound items. There haven’t been any videos to show how players traded this gem but apparently, Blizzard was well aware of it and got it fixed.

No other major changes we included in the hotfix post. These two exploits were enough to keep the dev team busy and pushed this hotfix so shortly after the launch. All the details and complete list of hotfixes can be found by following this link. The bug itself can be seen in the video linked below.

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