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Get a Diablo 3 Countdown Widget for Androids. Stay Ready.

Diablo 3 Countdown Widget

Diablo 3 Countdown Widget2The countdown has started. To aid players keep track of the time left, an Android app has been developed that acts as a countdown counter.

The app will show exactly how much time is left including hours, minutes and seconds.

Smartphone users will also be able to receive the latest news from Facebook, Twetter and YouTube on their handhelds.

The app comes as a widget and can display all this information on the home screen of any Android device.

Named simply “Diablo 3 Countdown Widget“, the app can track both the European release and the US one. On May 15th, Diablo 3 will be released at 12:01 AM PDT in the United States and at 12:01 CEST in Europe.

The app is synchronized with the time of the servers and not with the local time of the user so that the countdown timer will remain accurate.

The app developer himself is a die-hard fan of the game. He is not associated in any way with Blizzard but his app will surely find its way on every smartphone of the Diablo 3 community.

All that is left for the players is to predownload the game and have it installed so that when the hour of doom comes they will be ready for the fight. This useful gadget will help die-hard fans great Diablo the moment he releases his minions.

Check it out at android-apps:

Wondering when you’ll be able to purchase the latest installment of the Diablo franchise, Diablo 3? Look no further than this WIDGETIZED D3 Countdown Timer for the Android platform.

In this app, you’re able to view the exact number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds Diablo 3 will be released on May 15, 2012. Receive all the latest information from D3’s social media presence including: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Also, view all this vital information on your HOME SCREEN with the available widget. Full article here

Diablo 3 Countdown Widget4Diablo 3 Countdown Widget3

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