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Improving Diablo 3 Performance On Mac. Simple Steps.

Improving Diablo 3 Performance On Mac

So far it seems that Mac users are experiencing some performance issues. Even owners of high end Apple computers have FPS problems.

Blizzard seems to be well aware of this issue and the dev team is working on a possible fix for this.

Unfortunately, no release date has been announced for the Mac users. PC users wait for a similar patch as some high end machines experience the same problems. Until then, the players can try and tweak the game by altering several game settings and stopping resource eating processes. Let’s what can be done more specifically:

  1. The first thing that should be done is to turn on the FPS counter. This can be done by hitting Control+R which will show the current FPS in the top corner of the screen.
  2. Disable anti-aliasing.
  3. Turn off shadows.
  4. Turn all the video settings to low.
  5. Close any program that might be running in the background.
  6. Decrease the game resolution. This is probably the most effective tweak.
  7. Turn off any secondary display that might be attached to the computer.
  8. Disable Trilinear Filtering. Go to ~/Library/Application Support/Blizzard/Diablo III/ and open with TextEdit the “D3Prefs.txt” file. Search for a line that says “DisableTrilinearFiltering” and instead of 0, put 1. Save the changes and try to run Diablo 3 now.

These 8 tips should be enough to increase the performance of the game on almost every system that encounters issue when running Diablo 3. In most cases it can double the FPS and give the player a constant and stable frame rate. At some point, the dev team will release a patch to address these optimization issues.

The only certainty for now is that the game is not properly optimized and in some cases, the FPS is lower than what it would be normal for a game with similar graphics. It is a known issue from Blizzard’s side and unfortunetly, the players have little control over it.

Full set of tips on osxdaily:

Diablo 3 system requirements are fairly lenient but as many Mac users have discovered, performance on some computers just isn’t that great. Even some of the newest Macs with the best GPU’s are experiencing performance issues.

The good news is that Blizzard is on the case and actively working on patches to address many of these graphics issues in Mac OS X, but nobody is quite sure when that patch will be released. Until then, here are some optimization tips to improve the games playability in OS X. Full here

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