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Jay Wilson’s Apology To David Brevik For The Facebook Comment

Jay Wilson's Apology To David Brevik For The Facebook Comment

A few days ago we covered a story regarding Jay Wilson’s reaction to David Brevik’s interview and Diablo 3 Game Director’s reaction. David’s mixed feelings about the game. Being the video game developer for the first two titles of the series, Brevik stated that he would have done things differently for Diablo 3.

Such comments got Jay to stay express his anger in a very unprofessional way. He posted a comment on Facebook saying “F**k that loser”. Story got picked up quickly and the community went insane. Hundreds of threads started to fool the internet. Jay Wilson’s mistake has been punished by the community but was it enough?

Jay Wilson's Apology To David Brevik For The Facebook Comment
The Diablo 3 game developer got a lot of people angry so a public apology has been issued. Jay Wilson took the time to write a huge post on the Diablo 3. He apologies his reaction, agreed that it was unprofessional but he also explained why he reacted that way. His post is actually an enjoyable read and seems sincere. It actually expresses his respect for David and the Diablo franchise. Jay himself was a big Diablo fan an some important events in his life were connected to the game.

Besides apologizing, Wilson’s post did something more. The community saw him as just a game developer that did not have much in common with the Diablo universe. His feelings towards the game were more business oriented but it seems that isn’t true. Jay took the time to explain his relationship with the game and the future of Diablo 3. As of now, he is not yet satisfied with the game. Changes will be added to create a game that will be played for years. Diablo 3 needs to follow the legacy left by David and the previous game. There are high expectations and Wilson himself wants to make it the best game, not only the fastest selling one.

Read Jay Wilson’s post here

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  1. jay wilson is an asshole ,he and the rest of the loosers that work at blizzard. Jay is a fat geek who thinks hes a rock star.

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