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Monk Build Solo Inferno Patch 1.0.4 – BELLS!

Monk Build Solo Inferno Patch 1.0.4 – BELLS!

Level Required – 55

Build thanks to youtube’s MetalMusicMan04

Monks have gotten a lot of their Spirit spenders boosted in terms of damage. Today’s Monk Inferno solo build will reflect some of the changes added by patch 1.0.4. We have a mix of Spirit generating skills, Spirit spenders and a lot of damage output.

Wave of Light is our main focus of this setup and since two handed weapons have been boosted, dual wielding is no longer a must but rather a matter of personal choice. For this Monk build we went for a two handed weapon. The damage of the skill will be affected by the damage of the weapon.

Before we go into the details of this Inferno build, let’s check the skill setup:

Left Mouse ButtonCrippling Wave with the Mangle rune

Right Mouse ButtonWave of Light with the Wall of Light rune

Action Key 1Blinding Flash with the Faith in the Light rune

Action Key 2Breath of Heaven with the Blazing Wrath rune

Action Key 3Mantra of Conviction with the Overawe rune

Action Key 4Serenity with the Peaceful Repose rune

Passive Skill 1: One With Everything

Passive Skill 2: Exalted Soul

Passive Skill 3: Chant of Resonance

Monk Build Solo Inferno Patch 1.0.4 – BELLS!

Check it out here

The Mechanics Of The Build

The damage output of Wave of Light is huge when used in this combination. Not only that it deals 565% weapon damage but it also gets a boost when Blinding Flash and Breath of Heaven are used. Since its efficiency is closely related to the damage of the main hand. This particular Diablo 3 Monk build hits the hardest when a two handed weapon is used.

Except for One With Everything, this is a pure glass cannon setup. The ability to mitigate and absorb damage is very limited. To make up for this gap, Serenity needs to be added to the mix. It provides 3 seconds of invincibility which is just enough to finish a Champion or Elite pack by dropping a huge bell on their heads. The sequence of the combo should be Breath of Heaven, Blinding Flash and Wave of Light. This will ensure that the bell gets a decent damage boost.

From the utility perspective, this Monk build is great for farming Inferno. With some decent gear on board, normal monsters will not stand a chance and Elites, Champions and Bosses will die with just a few hits. The only downside to it is Spirit management. Wave of Light can Spirit starve the Monk if it is not used effectively. It should be saved for difficult fights. Serenity follows the same rule but the reason is different. It has a cooldown and it should only be used when the Monk is facing mobs that might seem challenging such as Arcane Enchanted, Desecrator, Fire Link and so on.

For optimal results, recasting the Matra just before hitting the bell button will give an additional 24% damage boost. However, this requires an additional 50 Spirit which is very difficult to manage. It will starve the character. Other than that, this Inferno Monk build is fairly simple. It can used in combination with two one hand weapons which will require the replacement of Chant of Resonance with The Guardian’s Path.

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  1. I tried asking this yesterday but I guess it was never approved. Why not utilize the benefit of Guardians Path for the 25% bonus to spirit regen when utilizing a two-handed weapon?
    Mike A!

  2. Hi Mike, Sorry for the late reply.

    Guardian’s Path grands a 35% regen bonus for two handers. This change was implemented in Patch 1.0.4. We are in the process of updating skill details to reflect the changes.

    • I saw the youtube video yesterday and just wanted to try if its really that fun. And I have to say that its the first time since the release that I had such a blast playing with my monk. I also play it with a nice 2h (1420dmg, 160dex, 120vit, 90% critdmg) that I found yesterday. You have to sacrifice the shield, which forces me to upgrade my remaining gear to keep to the hp/res level. But its definetely worth it. If you dont feel the pressure to be racing for the paragon levels and just want to have fun farming on inferno – try this build!

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