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Never heard of Diablo 3?

Diablo 3 is an Action RPG packed with a hack and slash gameplay.

The entire universe is concentrated around a unique world filled by a great storyline and amazing characters. As a player, you will take on the challenging task of sending back to Hell the legions of Demons that threaten the world with total destruction.

You will get to choose one out of five heroes to be your hands and eyes as you march through the World of Sanctuary. We’ve got three ranged classes, the Wizard, Demon Hunter and Which Doctor and two melee classes, the Barbarian and the Monk. All these heroes share the hatred against the Lord of Terror himself, Diablo.

Once you’ve picked up your favorite class, it is time to begin the quest to save the world.

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Game Mechanics Explained

Diablo 3 is a straight forward game. There is no tutorial and truth be told, there is no need for one. The action is linear and each mechanic is introduces sequentially, one at a time. As you progress, the linear quests will unlock various game features such as blacksmithing, jewelcrafting and various skills.

The hero’s abilities are extremely easy to understand. You have two main attacks on left and right mouse buttons and some action bar abilities placed on the 1,2,3 and 4 keyboard keys. They can be changed at any time since you will have more than 25 skills to play with. However you can only chose to use six at a time. You also get to use three passive skills.

What is diablo 3-Skill Controls

These abilities offer permanent bonuses as long as they are equipped into the passive skill slots.

Besides mastering your class, you will find yourself killing tens of monsters at a time and gathering items that can be salvaged in the form of materials for your crafting skills. Gold will gather up as you auto collect it during combat when monsters drop it.

To make your quest for glove even easier, if you decide to play alone, a follower can become your companion. These helpers can be equipped with gear to enhance their damage and survivability.

The Lore Of The Game

The World of Sanctuary is the primary realm in which the action takes place.

However, this world was not here since the beginning of time. It has been created. Before the world of sanctuary, Angels and Demons fought an endless war. There were very few that saw the entire conflict as pointless and without any meaning. An angel and a demon decided to abandon the eternal conflict and create a world for themselves. Out of this union, the Nehalem were born.

They were simple mortals that held the power to kill both angels and demons. As time passed by they became known as men and their existence became a threat for Diablo, The Lord of Terror.

He has attempted to destroy men on multiple occasions but in Diablo 3, The Lord of Terror came back stronger than before and with a plan to vanquish all Nehalem and destroy the High Heavens, the realm of Angels. This is the moment when the player comes in and gets to control a hero to stop Diablo and his plan.

Quest Line

Diablo 3 is a linear game. You will never get confused or overwhelmed by quests. Everything is simple and easy to follow. From time to time you might find some side quests that can be skipped since they do not affect the main storyline.

The dialogues and continuous tension of the incoming threat makes the game extremely enjoyable.

what is diablo 3-quests


The game is packed with diversity. You get to kill all kinds of monsters including swarming groups, demonic animals, fallen angels, undead, mortal traitors and of course, Diablo himself.

From time to time, you will encounter legendary and elite monsters. These as similar to normal ones but slightly stronger, have new abilities and offer better loot drops.


Last but not least you have the game bosses. There are four acts and each act has around four bosses. The monsters are unique, in design and mechanics. Each encounter will test your skill and strength.


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