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No Cross-Platform Gameplay For Diablo 3 On PlayStation

No Cross-Platform Gameplay For Diablo 3 On PlayStation

Some players got their hopes up with the announcement of the PlayStation version of Diablo 3. For the gaming community, this strategic partnership between Sony and Blizzard had the potential to improve the experience on multiple levels including some money making potential but the American game developer made a new announcement stating that there are no cross-platform connection plans.

Diablo 3 reached 12 million players back in December 2012 but Blizzard is not stopping here. The game still has a lot of potential and Blizzard is trying to expand the player base by getting some of the console fans hooked in but no cross-platform gameplay will be enabled. This means that the PlayStation version of Diablo 3 will have a fresh and clean Auction House, free of dupe items, free of exploiters and cheats and hacks will be almost inexistent. It is still unclear if there will be a RMAH but it is certain that the game will up to date, running the same version of Diablo 3 for PC.

This decision can be augmented by another hit offered by Chris Metzen during an Diablo 3 on Playstation 3interview. Apparently, the PlayStation version of the game might have an offline gameplay feature. From a security perspective, this feature needs to be isolated to avoid artificially created items to enter a real market such as the RMAH. We have seen how players were able to use hacks and cheats in offline mode in Diablo 2. The same thing can happen on the PlayStation version and as a consequence, cross-platform connection needs to be eliminated.

The announcement has been made by a community manager on the Diablo 3 forums. Many players see it as a positive development decision while others disagree with it. There is still debate around it as the post stated that there are no plans for cross-platform gameplay but the poster did not state clearly that such a feature is excluded from the start.

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