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Q&A With The Devs Sheds Some Light Over Patch 1.0.7 And The Future Of Diablo 3

Q&A With The Devs Sheds Some Light Over Patch 1.0.7 And The Future Of Diablo 3

Blizzard recently published a Q&A session on the forums to address some of the player concerns regarding the current Brawling system, new crafting recipes and the future of Diablo 3.

One of the first questions to receive an answer from the dev team was the lack of balance in the new PvP system. Players are concerned that the Diablo 3 Brawling system is just a one-shot fest with matches that last only a couple of seconds. Blizzard is not very concerned about it. The answer relies in survivability skills. Players will have to adjust their builds and sacrifice damage in favor of resistances, armor and HP. At the same time, all PvP systems have this problem during their early stages. Since the Brawling system has just been introduced, it will take some time and patches to balance the player versus player combat. There are some ideas floating around about a possible point system but no specific details have been given. The devs are still working on finding a viable solution that would make PvP rewarding.

Another concern is the development of more advanced PvP systems such as Team Deathmatch. According to Blizz, the concept has not been abandoned. It has been postponed and it will be added at some point in time. The current dueling mod will remain as simple as it is now as the dev team only wanted to give the player the possibility to challenge each other without having to think about points or rewards.

Last but not least, the new crafting recipes started a debate questioning they are useful or not and if their addition is justified. There are legendary items that are superior to the new items and only the new rings can be considered best in slot for most of the classes. The answer given by Blizzard was satisfactory for the community. There are a lot of players that managed to gear up their characters without using the auction house. Unfortunately, as everyone knows, due to the random factor, it is almost impossible to get a very good gear setup just by relying on drops. The newly introduced recipes attempt to fix this problem for the players that try to bypass the unstable Diablo 3 economy and grind their gear instead of buying it.

The discussion continued with a few other questions that received more than detailed answers, covering a wide range of topics including classes, crafting, gems and player versus player. The entire discussion can be read by following this link.

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