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Shell out $550 for a “Done-up” Demon Hunter. Player wants his life back.

Player sells his demon hunter for 550 on kijiji

A player is selling his Diablo 3 account on local classified ads site Kijiji ( He stats that the account is worth more than $800 and includes a Demon Hunter as well as the character’s high level gear. The Demon Hunter has a health pool of 50K, and a DPS of up to 212K with Sharpshooter and 95K without.

In addition, the account already has two treasure tabs unlocked, and the gem and crafting levels are both already at level 10. Armors are forgeable with five properties at level 62, and the account is able to forge Perfect Stars and Flawless Stars as well.

The game is already fully unlocked for this account, with the exception of being able to access pony land. The player is willing to drive over to the buyer’s place to try out the account. He will also provide a farming guide for both solo players and teams.

The flat price for all of this is $550 and selling his account because Diablo 3 is consuming his life. Well…hes not the only one.

Check out some of his gear.

Player sells his demon hunter for 550 on kijiji gear

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  1. 95k is terrible and I hope he didn’t steal $550 from somebody for that crap. And he has no all resist, just sayin. Besides, the game had barely been out for 3 months at that time, it’s hard to ruin your life by playing a video game for just 3 months.

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