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The First Screenshots Of Diablo 3 On PlayStation 3 And Details Revealed By Chris Metzen

The First Screenshots Of Diablo 3 On PlayStation 3 And Details Revealed By Chris Metzen

Along with the presentation of the upcoming PlayStation 4, Blizzard stopped by at the Sony Convention to unveil their intentions to port Diablo 3 to consoles. The game will be available for both PlayStation 3 and 4 and it will contain several interesting features. At the time of the announcement no details or in-game footage was presented. Shortly after, Blizzard posted the announcement on the official page of the game, including several screenshots.

The post was followed by an interview with Chris Metzen and John Height from Sony talked about how the game will look and feel on PlayStation. There will be no cursor to control the character or browse through the inventory. Also, several aspects of the character screen and inventory were adjusted in order to make them viable for consoles, eliminating the need for a mouse. The entire UI has been simplified to make the game seem less complicated. However, despite the UI changes, the game will be similar to the PC version. The developers are currently running version 1.0.7 on the PlayStation 3. Diablo 3 will be kept up to date and both the PC and PS versions will run on the latest patch. The PlayStation 4 version is still in the works and no technical details were given during the interview.

Chris Metzen and John Height revealed several other features that the console version of Diablo 3 will have and even hinted that there will be an offline mode when talking about the co-op options that users have.

Also, since console players did not get the chance to enjoy the previous version, Chris Metzen hinted that they will work on adding a means for the PlayStation public to get to know the backstory and the lore prior to Diablo 3 to get a better understanding of how this installment of the franchise fits the story.

The full interview can be seen here.

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