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Witch Doctor Solo Inferno Build – Infinite Zombie Bears – Patch 1.0.8 Ready

Witch Doctor Solo Inferno Build – Infinite Zombie Bears – Patch 1.0.8 Ready

Required Level: 54
Build Inspired By: Anthony Evans

Witch Doctors have been neglected for quite a long time. Today we decided to make it up for the players that still enjoy the class and look at a new Witch Doctor solo Inferno build. This particular skill set choice focuses on a long forgotten skill. Zombie Bears users to be one of the most popular skills for Witch Doctors until its damage output was nerfed. Diablo 3 patch 1.0.8 brings back the usability of the skill with a few tweaks to make it viable again. Both players that enjoyed the old Zombie Bear build and the ones that never got the chance to play around with it will surely enjoy this variation. It is capable of dealing a significant amount of damage and despite its high mana cost it can still be casted repeatedly throughout a farming session as a main active spell.

Left Mouse Button – Zombie Charger with the Zombie Bears rune

Right Mouse Button – Spirit Walk with the Honored Guest rune

Action Key 1 – Summon Zombie Dogs with the Life Link rune

Action Key 2 – Soul Harvest with the Vengeful Spirit rune

Action Key 3 – Sacrifice with the Pride rune

Action Key 4 – Mass Confusion with the Mass Hysteria rune

Passive Skill 1: Gruesome Feast

Passive Skill 2: Blood Ritual

Passive Skill 3: Grave Injustice

Witch Doctor solo inferno build infinite zombie bears

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The Mechanics Of The Build:

Mana management is the main problem that caused a lot of Witch Doctors to forget about Zombie Bears. The spell costs a lot of mana and it cannot be spammed like other skills to make farming efficient. On the other hand, it is possible to tweak all other skills to make it easy to regain mana fast and efficient.

Spirit Walk is the first mana regen skill that comes to the scene. The problem is that it’s cooldown makes it a bit unpractical. Grave Injustice should fix the problem to some point. Since monster density has been tweaked in Patch 1.0.8 and Zombie Bears deal a lot of damage, the cooldown of Spirit Walk should be back to 0 after killing just a few monsters. In an ideal situation, the cast sequence should be Zombie Bears then Spirit Walk and Zombie Bears again.

Unfortunately, when dealing with Champion packs, the effectiveness of Grave Injustice greatly diminishes. This means that mana regen needs to be obtained from other sources. A good practice would be to have Sacrifice with the Pride rune, the Gruesome Feast and Blood Ritual passives. All of them combined should provide some additional mana to make Zombie Bears available in difficult situations.

In terms of survivability, Zombie Dogs and Spirit Walk are the only skills that can provide some form of damage avoidance and mitigation. It might not be enough and a bit of gold needs to be invested in some gear. At least 500 to all resistances is recommended and some vitality and maybe even Life on Hit if possible.


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