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Wizard Diamond Skin Absorbs Huge Amounts of Incoming Damage

Wizard Diamond SkinWizard Diamond Skin is a skill unlocked at level 8, which allows the Wizard to call upon the Arcane Energies, making your skin as hard as diamond.

Which would absorb a total of 10853 damage for 6 seconds.

It doesn’t appear to have any casting costs, but it has a substantial cooldown of 15 seconds.

Check out Wizard Diamond Skin

Skill Design

When Diamond Skin is activated, it would absorb all kinds of damage, regardless of whether it’s melee, ranged, elemental, or magical.

It only wears off when the Diablo 3 Wizard sustains enough damage or when the duration expires. With that said, it’s better if the skill is casted when the Wizard is about to take damage.

Walk in to a room full of monsters, activate the skill, then spam AoE spells like crazy, obliterating them without worrying about dying.

Wizard Diamond Skin Synergies

Evocation is a Passive Skill that helps reduce Diamond Skin’s cooldown by 15%. And with that reduction, the Wizard’s survivability increases, since it allows her to cast Diamond Skin more frequently.

Wizard Diamond Skin Runestones

Runestone Effects

Crystal Shell will increase the absorbing capability of Diamond Skin to 21707, roughly doubling the effect. It’s more suitable to use when fighting those annoying Bosses that could sometimes just one-hit the Wizard.

Prism will help the Wizard with her spamming of spells, since it reduces the Arcane Power costs of all spells by 7 for the duration of Diamond Skin, giving more value to the spells she casts while protected.

Mirror Skin will just ruin the days of those high-damaging but low-health and low-defense attackers. Imagine a Barbarian, the perfect example of a damage-dealer, hitting the Wizard with his high-damage skills. It would really hurt a lot, but as long as the Wizard is protected by Diamond Skin, it would be prevented. And better still, it would reflect 5000+ damage back to the Barbarian’s face.

Enduring Skin will extend the duration of Diamond Skin to 8 seconds. While additional 2 seconds may be measly, it would make a lot of difference when the Wizard is swarmed for a slightly prolonged period of time.

Diamond Shards is a good finisher skill, when the Wizard’s AoE’s have done their job but some stragglers remain. When Diamond Skin expires, diamond shards will explode in an area around the Wizard, dealing 155% weapon damage converted as Physical to all enemies, finishing them off.

Wizard-Diamond Skin

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