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Wizard Energy Twister Releases Destructive Tornadoes at Your Enemies!

Wizard Energy TwisterWizard Energy Twister is a Force skill that unlocks at level 35. It costs 35 Arcane Power and has no cooldown.

Energy Twister deals 360% of the Wizard’s weapon damage over 6 seconds to any enemy that happened to be in its path. Cause it has no cooldown this skill can be spammed, though the Wizard will have to watch their Arcane Power orb.

It is an unpredictable spell as the Wizard has no control over where the twister goes, but it is also their most powerful spell. Unleash it in a mob and watch the ensuing destruction.

Wizard Energy Twister without the runes

What Flux thought of the Spell. Thanks to Diablowiki.

This one was impressive, but very unpredictable. The graphic is great; you can see that in the Blizzcon 2009 gameplay movie, and it does more in more or less a straight line, but without some sort of tank I didn’t find it very easy to hit enemies with. Arcane Orb was nearly as damaging, far easier to aim, and cheaper on the mana. This Wizard just has so many cool active spells to try out it’s impossible to get a handle on everything in a short play time.

Wizard Energy Twister Runestones

Skill Runes:

Mistral Breeze – unlocks at level 19. The casting cost of Energy Twister is reduced to 20 Arcane Power. This will make Energy Twister a more spammable spell because of the lower Arcane Power cost.

Gale Force – unlocks at level 24. This increases Energy Twister’s damage to 468% of the wizard’s weapon damage, making an already powerful spell deal a lot more damage.

Raging Storm – unlocks at level 36. Merges Energy Twisters that collide into a bigger tornado, with a larger area of effect. This can be fun to use if the Diablo 3 Wizard is planning to spam Energy Twister or when there is more than one Wizard in the group.

Wicked Wind – unlocks at level 41. The twisters will spin in place and deal 252% of the Wizard’s weapon damage. It will make Energy Twisters slightly weaker but it would still be the Wizard’s most powerful spell. It will also make the twisters a lot more predictable and easier to control. You can cast the spell between themselves and their enemies, then stay behind the twister while they cast longer ranged spells.

Storm Chaser – unlocks at level 52. After the Wizard casts a Signature skill a number of times, an Energy Twister will also be unleashed. Signature skills have no Arcane Power cost and no cooldown, and the Storm Chaser rune will make these ultimate spammable spells more powerful.


Wizard Energy Twister Synergies

Wizard-Energy Twister

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