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Wizard Familiar will Summon a Little Friend to Aid you in Battle!

Wizard FamiliarWizard Familiar is a Skill learned by the Wizard at level 22, which allows them to summon a very own Familiar, assisting in battle.

The summon is ignored by the enemies and cannot be hurt, and it deals 20% of the Wizard’s weapon damage converted to Arcane.

It lasts for 120 seconds and only costs 20 Arcane Power.

Check it out: Wizard Familiar

Skill Design

Familiar is a really good spell to invest in, no matter how you build our Wizard. The Familiar is merely just additional Arcane damage for the duration of the spell.



Glass Cannon also boosts the Familiar summon’s attack by 15% in exchange for 10% of the Wizard’s Defense and Resistances. Still, if the extra damage will finish off your enemies before they can touch you then it’s a really good investment.

Wizard Familiar Synergies

Runestone Effects

Sparkflint lets the Wizard summon a fiery Familiar instead, which gives a 12% boost to all the damage done for its duration. It’s good when the Wizard is an AoE caster. You can simply walk into a room and unleash your devastating skills.

Dartling changes the Familiar into a lightning summon whose projectiles can pierce through enemies, helping you kill those enemies packed in a straight line.

Ancient Guardian will protect the Diablo 3 Wizard from dying, giving you a chance to escape, since this Familiar will fully absorb the damage the Wizard takes from a single attack every 6 seconds when the Wizard’s life goes lower than 35%.

Arcanot will help the Wizard in casting spells, generating 2 Arcane Power per second, which means a faster means of launching your spells that would obliterate enemies.

Cannoneer familiar’s projectiles will explode upon contact with enemies, dealing 20% weapon damage converted as Arcane to all enemies within 6 yards, effective for crowd control.

Wizard Familiar Runestones

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