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Wizard Solo Inferno Build – Disintegrate – Patch 1.0.8 Ready

Wizard Solo Inferno Build – Disintegrate – Patch 1.0.8 Ready

Required Level: 55
Build Inspired By: Archon InfernoFriday

Even if Patch 1.0.8 is still in the works, the Public Test Realm gave everyone a pretty good idea of how things will change. This new Diablo 3 solo Inferno build has been tested and so far it looks very promising and ready for the upcoming patch. It has been thought out to provide an alternative to Wizards that got bored of the standard Critical Mass build which seems to be used by everyone. Build diversity has been a problem but this time around, there is something new to look at. Disintegrate will become a more viable spell and combined with a slow weapon it can truly provide enough sustain in terms of Arcane Power drain and damage output but before we get into the details we need to have a quick look at the skill setup.

Here is the key mapping as suggested by Archon:

Left Mouse Button – Disintegrate with the Convergence rune

Right Mouse Button – Blizzard with the Frozen Solid rune

Action Key 1Magic Weapon with the Blood Magic rune

Action Key 2 – Teleport with the Wormhole rune

Action Key 3 – Familiar with the Arcanot rune

Action Key 4 – Storm Armor with the Power of the Storm rune

Passive Skill 1: Cold Blooded

Passive Skill 2: Astral Presence

Passive Skill 3: Temporal Flux

Wizzard Solo Inferno Disintegrate


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The Mechanics Of The Build:

Using this particular Inferno Wizard build to solo acts 1 to 4 will prove to be very effective in terms of damage output despite its base 170% weapon damage. The skill’s destructive force is enhanced by the combination of Blizzard and the Cold Blooded passive. Blizzard will provide a 6 second window in which the targets will receive 20% more damage. This is pretty much all there is about damaging spells. The rest of the skills used in the build are meant to help with sustain.

Just like with the any kind of channeling spell, Disintegrate can make a full orb of Arcane Power to vanish but there are ways to counter this. The skill works just like the Monk Tempest Rush. Weapon attack speed will determine how fast it will consume arcane power. A slower weapon means a slower drain but it will also tick less frequent. On the other hand, slow weapons tend to have a higher base damage which in the end translates into the same DPS but a slower Arcane Power drain. Familiar and Storm Armor will help reduce the cost of Disintegrate and improve the regen rate of AP. Last but not least, Astral Presence will also contribute by adding some more Arcane Power regeneration.

Survivability is another issue that needs to be looked at. The traditional Wizard Critical Mass build provides a lot of CC which makes it very difficult to die. This Disintegrate build focuses mostly on slowing abilities which should be enough to kite monsters and stay away from melee range. Magic weapon will provide some Life Steal but some Life on Hit will be required.


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