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World First Level 100 Paragon Reached By A Barbarian

World First Level 100 Paragon Reached By A Barbarian

As we all know, there is no ladder system in Diablo 3 implemented so far. Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.4 brought a lot of changes including the Paragon system. Without an official ladder it is difficult to track the progress of players. According to Blizzard, reaching the Paragon level cap will take months. That is not entirely true.

World First Level 100 Paragon Reached By A BarbarianThe average player will require months to get to the Paragon level cap. We are talking about 100 levels that require more experience than the amount needed to get from 59 to 60. It sounds like a lot and it actually is. Even so, we have a few brave heroes that found some of the best routes to farm. Sustained by great gear and skill, after just a couple of weeks, Paragon level 100 has been reached by a Barbarian. If Blizzard has its own ladder, Alkaizer would be right on the first place on the Paragon leader boards. With only 62.5k DPS, some nice resistances and the Barbarian Inferno Double Tornado build, Alkaizer has been farming Inferno Act 3 like a madman, night and day until he got to 100. His gear is focused on DPS and only his helm has a Ruby inserted to grant him some exp bonus. Other than that, he just farmed like any other player but with a custom route. A YouTube video shows exactly how he did it as Alkaizer was nice enough to stream his journey to the Paragon level cap. We have covered this build in a previous post. Also, his method is explained in great detail in the video below.

His achievement comes as a slap in the face of Blizzard but let us not forget that only the most hardcore gamers will be able to reach the Paragon cap this fast. It will take a lot of Paragon exp farming and as the video explains, great gear is essential to this build.


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  1. And I doubt it will take too long for someone to reach 100 with all 5 classes.
    Now I have to be sincere. That guy at least for these weeks didn’t got to work and/or study, and if he was in a relationship well… he “was”
    How many hours he had to play per day?
    Still I have to say congrats on beeing the first so quiclky.

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